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9 Skin Hero Karina in Mobile Legends (ML)

Karina is one of the best assassin heroes that you can use in the current meta jungler. Moreover, Karina’s own hero will get a revamp in the latest update that will make it stronger and certainly meta in Mobile Legends. For those of you Karina users, make sure you have a row of Karina skins that are currently in Mobile Legends.

Of course, when you play Karina’s hero, you will be more enthusiastic about playing if you use your favorite skin. With so many skin choices, maybe you will be confused when choosing the skin. Don’t worry, we will provide the following list of skins owned by Karina Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku provides a series of skins owned by Karina in the Mobile Legends game based on my playing experience. Now for those of you who are Karina mobile legends users, make sure you listen to the full review below.

Karina’s Skin in Mobile Legends

Karina's Weakness as an Assassin in Mobile Legends

Karina – Shadow Blade

Making it the first Skin owned by Karina, becoming a cool hero with the power of 2 very sharp weapons like this. It is strong and you can immediately have it when you buy the Hero directly. Have an ordinary Skill and Effect, but if it’s an innate Skin, of course it’s really cool when you have it. Only with a price of 32000 BP, you can immediately bring this skin into the account.

Karina – Phantom Blade

The first skin is Phantom Blade, this skin is the first skin presented by Moonton for Karina’s hero. You can get this one skin for only 399 diamonds.

Karina – Christmas Carnival

The next skin is Christmas Carnival, which is a special Christmas skin in Mobile Legends. For those of you who want to have this one skin, you can get it for 599 diamonds.

Karina – Black Pearl

Karina also has a starlight skin that you can try, this skin is called Black Pearl and has a pirate theme. You can get this skin by exchanging Rare Skin Fragments at the Shop.

Karina – Spider Lily

Next for the second Elite skin owned by Karina is Spider Lilya. This skin is very cool and looks beautiful, you can get this skin for 599 diamonds only.

Karina – Doom Duelist

Next is the Epic skin of Karina’s hero with the name Doom Duelist, this skin is the coolest skin and is present at the Lucky Box which is a limited event.

Karina – Leona

Next there is a special KoF Karina skin named Leona, this skin you can get for free if there is a KoF Event that takes place.

Karina – Hello

Karina also has a Zodiac skin that is no less beautiful than other Karina skins. This hero gets a Zodiac Halo which has a super beautiful appearance like a queen in the Land of Dawn. You can get this skin by buying it at the Zodiac Summon Event.

Karina – Blood Moon

The last Karina skin is Blood Moon which is the First Recharge skin in Season 17 of Mobile Legends. You can no longer get this skin, you can only get it on purchases in Season 17 ago.

So that’s all the skins that Karina has in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, with the many choices of skins above, it will certainly add to your enthusiasm when playing the Mobile Legends game.