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9 Hidden Features in MIUI 11 You Should Know

For Xiaomi smartphone users, you must be familiar with the term MIUI. Now for those of you who don’t know, Miui is a Custom ROM made by Xiaomi which is used for smartphone devices made by Xiaomi. Usually MIUI is always updated to follow the Android version. So every time Google releases the latest Android version, soon Xiaomi will also release the latest version of MIUI on the basis of the Android version.

Well this year the Xiaomi company has just released the latest MIUI 11, where we will see some significant differences between MIUI 6 to MIUI 10, of course with the release of Miui 11 this will make Xiaomi users feel a variety of new menus, new features with solid customization. In addition to the visible features, there are some features that may still be hidden that we can use to maximize the use of a xiaomi redmi smartphone that we use.

Many say that this miui 11 has more charming features and of course this feature appears to complement the lack of features in the previous version of miui. Well, for those of you who are curious what features are in miui 11? then please see the following review:

1. Features of Dark Mode or Dark Theme

the dark mode feature in miui 11 xiaomi redmi

The only one the latest features in xiaomi miui 11, which is the feature that Xiaomi smartphone users are waiting for. Of course, it’s the same with dark mode on some applications, this feature will make your smartphone look more elegant, so the interface will look all black and what is clear is that the advantages of this dark mode feature will make your smartphone battery more durable and long lasting. And besides that if used in a dark place it will not make your eyes feel dazzled so you can use your smartphone to be more comfortable.

2. MIUI 11 Living display feature

With this feature on miui 11, you can set yourself how the front screen of the smartphone you are using will look. Of course, with this, the appearance of the theme on the Xiaomi cellphone will become more attractive, and you can enjoy this feature if you use a smartphone that is equipped with a super AMOLED screen.

3. Features monochore ultra power saving mode

The monochrome ultra power saving feature on MIUI 11 has a function to turn off all applications and other features. Except for the sms and telephone features, you can take advantage of this feature when your smartphone is nearing the low battery power. Of course, with a black and white screen, your battery will last longer.

4. Quick Reply feature

the newest feature in miui 11 quick reply

The quick reply feature makes it easier for you to reply to chats more quickly like when you open other applications. With this cool MIUI 11 feature, it will certainly make it easier for users when they want to reply to messages, because you don’t need to close the application that you are currently opening. Of course this feature will not make us go back and forth to open the application.

5. Video Wallpapers

secret feature in miui 11

For those of you who previously made video wallpapers with third-party applications, you can do this directly without having to download an application because every video we have on our smartphone, we can directly set it as wallpaper.

6. Icon Display Feature

cool features in miui 11

In this miui 11 feature you will feel a different icon display and have a new icon display. Where each of these icons will look fresher and brighter. In addition, you can adjust the size of the icon, the distance between the icons and others, which of course this new look will make our eyes spoil with all situations where this icon is able to produce dynamic visual feedback.

7. Screen Time feature

hidden features in miui 11 are cool

This next hidden feature of MIUI 11 will allow Xiaomi smartphone users to see how much time is spent using the smartphone.

8. Face Unclock and Unclock by Voice Command Fitur

hidden features in miui 11

this secret feature in miui 11 or the next hidden feature has a feature that is practically similar to how to lock the screen with finger print, the only difference is that we need a face for a password, while our voice command feature can use the words we speak to unlock it. or unlock our device.

9. Group ICON By Color

This hidden feature in MIUI 11 allows you to easily find a number of applications that you want to search based on color or color.

Well that’s some hidden features in miui 11, so that with these features we can maximize the use of our smartphones. Hopefully the reviews in this article are useful and see you again in the information we post next on this blog.