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9 Best Skins for Pharsa Mobile Legends (ML)

Pharsa is one of the heroes with a role mage that is currently quite often used by players in a gameplay. Pharsa is a typical burst damage mage hero with a wide attack range. There are 5 Skins owned by Pharsa himself in Mobile Legends.

The skins owned by Pharsa vary in categories ranging from normal skins to limited epic skins. Playing Pharsa is actually quite easy but you have to be able to maintain the position well. This you need to do so that the use of the skill is maximized and on point against your target target.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss Pharsa’s Skin in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know how the appearance of each skin owned by Pharsa, let’s see the full explanation below!

The following is a list of the best skins owned by the hero mage Pharsa in the Mobile Legends game. The list of Pharsa skin names is as follows:

  1. Wings of Vengeance
  2. Wings Of Heaven
  3. Peafowl’s Dance
  4. Indigo Aviantrix
  5. Enchanting Witch
  6. Empress Phoenix
  7. Samba Muse
  8. Peony Bloom
  9. Hierophant

Well, we will explain it below so you know the best skins

Pharsa – Wings Of Vengeance

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This is the default skin used by Pharsa, it turns out that Pharga is so cool for you to use it pretty cool. Even Pharsa Wings of Vengeance also looks interesting for you to use, even though it is only the initial skin that comes from the hero. Enough with 32000 Bp, you can immediately use this.

Pharsa – Wings Of Heaven

5 Best Skin Pharsa Mobile Legends (ML)Wings of Heaven is Pharsa’s skin that falls into the normal category. You can get this skin for free through lucky spin or you can buy it at the shop for 269 Diamonds. This skin makes the original black pharsa costume changed to white with black gradations.

Pharsa – Peafowl’s Dance

5 Best Skin Pharsa Mobile Legends (ML)

Pharsa’s skin, named Pefowl’s Dance, is one of the skins that has a cool look for Pharsa. This skin is included in the elite skin category that you can buy at the shop using diamonds. This skin makes Pharsa feel like wearing a peacock costume complete with peacock feather accessories. The dominant colors used in this costume are green and blue.

Pharsa – Indigo Aviantrix

5 Best Skin Pharsa Mobile Legends (ML)

Indigo Aviantrix is ​​one of the limited-pharma skins that you can only get in certain events. Even though this skin is in the normal category, it is still in the limited category because you can’t buy it directly at the shop. The dominant color used in this pharsa skin costume is indigo blue. Pharsa looks more elegant when she uses this Indigo Aviantrix skin.

Pharsa – Enchanting Witch

Pharsa’s skin, called Enchanting Witch, is a seasonal skin that you get when Mobile Legends is in season 14. This skin makes Pharsa look more like a witch, the costumes she wears are also very identical to witches. Pharsa weapons are also made like a barrel which is usually used to put magic potions.

Pharsa – Empress Phoenix

Empress Phoenix is ​​one of Pharsa’s skins in Mobile Legends which is included in the limited epic skin category. To get the Empress Phoenix skin is quite difficult because it is only present at certain events. The price of the skin is also quite expensive because it is limited. Provide lots of diamonds to get this skin. You don’t need to doubt the appearance itself and the animation effects of Pharsa’s own attack skills become even cooler when using the Empress Phoenix skin.

Pharsa – Samba Muse

Samba Muse is a Special Skin that brings a very cool theme with a Brazilian themed party dance. Of course, being one of the Skins that appears at the Flip Card event, it will make you look cool when you compete later. Using a blue and colorful effect, it is very clear and you can immediately try to use it in matches.

Pharsa – Peony Bloom

Peony Bloom is a very cool Starlight Skin with a Flower theme, even Pharsa’s movements are quite graceful. Showing that this Hero Pharsa with Peony Bloom Skin does look cool, so those of you who wear it will look really cool. Available during Starlight September 2022, however there is a chance it will be present in the upcoming Starlight.

Pharsa – Hierophant

Hierophant is a very good Skin, because it has a theme with MSC in 2022. Presents the Pharsa skin which is the Mascot at MSC 2022 and also looks very Gold when you use it. Of course when those of you who have worn it will see a golden bird and gold color accessories clothes too. From the head he uses the Crown, this is a limited Skin.

So, that’s the explanation about the Skin owned by Pharsa Mobile Legends, which Esportsku has discussed. Of course, using the Pharsa skins above will make your gameplay better and more enthusiastic when playing!