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8 Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

Free Fire will continue to release many new updates which of course are cool for all of you to try. Then really understand 8 Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode, so that you can play well and correctly. The thing is that by trying tips like this, it won’t be too difficult to get a definite win.

Since the new event is still going on for a long time, it’s going to be pretty good for everyone. If you are diligent in completing missions that have appeared right now, you will definitely give a large amount of prizes for you to complete later.

The emergence of a very large United Free Fire Rampage Event Schedule, has many missions with various challenges. For example, if you can overcome all of these missions, you will continue to get a large number of prizes without any difficulty.

Then play the new mode with 8 Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode, which will help all of you. Using tips like this, understand them properly so that we can overcome the enemy more easily.

Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

Choose the Right Character

Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

Of course, you have to determine the right character, because in any mode, this character must be the most important point. If you are playing Rampage United Mode, then use a more dominant character for close range only.

Because after I tried playing Esports the mode, it turned out that it wasn’t that big and far away, it was still affordable. But if you are already familiar with long-range weapons, then you can use long-range characters then so that you can support the game well.

Well, in terms of character, DJ Alok is the main star, then a character who can show the enemy’s position. But my Esports suggestion is that you can use your mainstay character, it’s not a problem either.

Tips for playing Rampage United Free Fire Mode is to use weapons as needed

Then in this mode you will also use a weapon, but think about it before choosing the weapon. We’re going to use a point here, so we can get weapons, so we can choose wisely.

As for the weapons that my esports rely on in this mode, SMG and Shotgun, because we are dominant in playing up close. But back to each of you, whether you are interested or not in using such a weapon and you have to get used to it.

If you want to continue to the next stage, then increase the Level of this event to unlock others. As an opening to be able to receive again new weapons with different levels.

Seize the Middle Area To Get Points

Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

Players must be able to seize the center area in this map, in order to receive points that make your team win. The points we have to achieve if we really want to win can reach more than 1000 and surely you will see it.

Players can also get a lot of points when they kill, of course this is another gain. In fact, you can immediately receive additional points again, if you bring one item in that mode for us to carry and maintain.

My advice from Esports is where you should play, because of the lack of Obstacle Free Fire, you must remain vigilant. Because the enemy has an open area to attack us, don’t let your opponent have a chance to beat you.

Download Rampage Hyperbook To Get Buff

This is not a Free Fire Hyperbook Rampage that we use to get a gift, but a Buff while carrying it in the game. If you manage to bring the Rampage Hyperbook, there is an additional Buff that might help the player win.

If what has happened usually gives a Defense, Attack and Speed ​​Effect on the bearer of the item. Then you will also give additional points to the team, if you bring this book and are in points right now.

As well as an additional point when you kill, the effect that is present on the Buff item is really good. However, I remind Esports, if you die, the book will return to its original place and you can take turns to use it.

Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire Mode is to Protect Teammates

Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

You also have to be able to protect your teammates, especially for friends who are carrying the book. The thing is that we protect our teammates, surely taking points won’t be too difficult and we have very good cooperation.

Remember to be able to protect the Rampage Hyperbook, because the Enemy can also take one of his Books if he is careless. Keep each other’s position and if you die, you won’t be able to get Revive or immediately respawn in Headquarters.

So if you have to be alert and often communicate or give signs, so you don’t panic when the enemy approaches. The strength of the team will really be felt, if doing a collaboration like this.

Level Up To Max

If you want to become stronger, then you can immediately increase the Level in Rampage United Mode to Max. Because each of these levels will give the player a buff, so you really have to be able to choose the skill wisely for battle.

As for Esports, I suggest you can take a headshot chance increase, so you can deal even higher damage. If you use this skill, then the ability of this character can be even better in dealing with existing enemies.

But if you really want to level up, the player must be able to give a lot of hits to the enemy. The more hits, the faster your level can be obtained in that mode.

Equip Battle Items

Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode

Furthermore, for Tips for Playing Rampage United Mode, you can complete item equipment so that it is easy to win. For example, using Gloo Wall, Grenade or items with these supportive properties really help your battle.

If you can do something like this, then the enemy will also find it difficult to hurt you and even the Team because of all that. So you can immediately have the opportunity to strike back, if indeed the enemy has no defense as well.

If you lose, don’t worry because you can still restock the item without reducing points. Because every item you buy later will be related to the limit slot, so there’s no need to be confused.

Tips for playing Rampage United Free Fire Mode is to do a pressing attack

If you really can do it, pressing attacks on the enemy are very good in this case. Especially with those of you who use the M1887 Free Fire Shotgun Weapon, because this will make them retreat in fear because of the damage.

An attack that suppresses the enemy’s defense, will definitely have such a great influence, when dealing with the enemy. Because in the right conditions, you can give an attack that makes your opponent lose instantly.

If indeed you can do attacks to suppress the enemy, then you can just do things like this. But for example, we can’t do it at all, it’s better if we don’t force it too much.

After knowing 8 Tips for Playing Rampage United Free Fire (FF) Mode, you should know all of them right now. Is part of the attack that is so pressing, it will certainly help players not to be too difficult in dealing with the mode as well.

Even by bringing up a Mars Warclasher Free Fire Bundle, it will definitely look cooler when you use it later. Because it shows the cause of Rampage United itself appearing to defeat all its enemies.