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8 FF Rare Weapon Skins, Free Fire Player's Dream!

Free Fire has released a variety of the latest updates that are available for players to play from existing features and events. Then the presence of the FF Rare Weapon Skin, making it one of the Dreams of Free Fire Players when competing. Those who face the enemy will also find it easier, because they are confident because they use a skin like this.

Especially for some skins that have appeared in the Free Fire game, of course you also want to collect all of them if you can. As the newest gift that players can get, doing so in this latest event is now very easy.

Then for the Free Fire Cool Name too, it will definitely make you more exposed when competing later. Don’t be surprised if the name you use is seen by many people because the game is also correct, then this is something that is pretty cool for us to see.

Then there are some of FF’s Rare Weapon Skins, becoming a Free Fire Player’s Dream when they fight against enemies. Because those who use weapons with such skins too, will definitely become stronger and it will not be difficult to face their opponents.

Free Fire (FF) Rarer Weapon Skins

Scar – Ultimate Titan

Scar Ultimate Titan is one of FF’s Rare Weapon Skins which is quite popular among Free Fire players until now. Because the shape and appearance itself is indeed the coolest, it’s no wonder that players used to crave to have this.

Making it a Rare Weapon Skin that is so popular, of course you will be more excited to play with this Skin. Has a Modern form with the addition of a sophisticated technology section, making it the most attractive Skin.

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Magazines –

Statistics that are very supportive in long-range and medium-range battles, making it easy for us to have a skin like that. It also looks different when you use it later, so that you become more interested in immediately using this Skin in matches.

FF’s Rarer Weapon Skin is M1887 – Underworld Rapper

Then you will find an M1887 named Rapper Underworld that you can use, as a Rare Weapon Skin which is quite cool. So that it helps you to look cool, even in the face of enemies it will have a strong purple effect of death.

It’s no wonder that the Underworld Rapper M1887 Skin is also quite popular, so it’s not quite the demand until now. It can help you to become strong enough to face enemies, even make your account stronger than before.

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed ​​+
  • Accuracy –

This skin has a fairly strong Stats increase, even being able to make it easy for you to win. Rate of Fire and Reload Speed ​​are getting faster, so you can also give the best attack with this Skin. But remember, if the skin experiences a reduction in Accuracy which of course has a big effect on attacking.

M1014 – Apocalyptic Red

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Then there is the M1014 Apocalyptic Red Skin, one of the Incubators that appeared in the very popular Rampage Event. Gives a fiery effect when attacking the enemy, as well as a fairly deadly Rush damage to the opponent.

So M1014 Apocalyptic Red itself has advantages in certain parts, even Effects when you are attacking later. Of course with this skin too, it will definitely give you great power to win in the face of enemies like this right now.

  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed ​​+
  • Magazines –

The ability of the M1014 Weapon when using the Apocalyptic Red Skin is suitable for Rush, use melee attacks very quickly. Even Reload Speed ​​to make you reload bullets quickly, but pay attention to this weapon’s Magazine which turns out to be reduced just a little.

AK47 – Blue Flame Draco

FF Rare Weapon Skin, Free Fire Player's Dream!

Draco’s AK47 Blue Flame is indeed very strong and has excellent attack effects, making it another FF Rare Weapon Skin as well. Of course, by using the skin, you will receive a good effect and it is easy to win in the face of even strong enemies.

So if the AK47 Blue Flame Draco Free Fire, it is very strong in dealing with enemies without any fear at all. Even when you increase the Evolution Level on this Skin, it will give various effects when facing the enemy.

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Movement Speed ​​–
  • Skill: Additional Gloo Wall Shooting Damage

When you use the AK47 Blue Flame Draco, of course we will immediately use it too. Increased Damage and Rate of Fire, has slightly reduced Movement Speed ​​but Damage when Attacking Gloo Wall will be too strong to destroy it.

FF Rare Weapon Skin is M4A1 – Griffin Fury

One of the other Weapon Skins named M4a1 Griffin Fury, one of the great powers to face enemies without fear. Even when you use it, it will definitely have a fiery effect in dealing with opponents without any difficulties at all.

Of course, the ability of the M4A1 Griffin Fury Weapon itself is indeed very strong, depending on who uses it later. But the shape also does look flexible, not too complicated when you use it in dealing with the enemy as well.

  • Damage ++
  • Magazines –
  • Accuracy +

Even though this skin reduces the magazine of the weapon, we can’t underestimate it in terms of strength. Able to destroy the enemy’s head very quickly and easily, because the Damage and Accuracy is greatly increased and quite strong when facing the enemy.

UMP – Red Ruby

Although this is a UMP Skin that is fairly simple and nothing special, UMP Red Ruby actually has a very interesting story. The UMP Red Ruby Skin is the First Skin in the Free Fire game that you can get permanently by Top Up later.

No wonder why my Esports is called the most interesting FF Rare Weapon Skin, even though it only has a Type like that right now. Making it an interesting skin like this too, does sound so strong and is quite rare too.

So those of you who may see this skin on an account, it means they are old players right now. Making it a pretty good collection, those of you who wear this will definitely look cool when fighting.

Scar – Megalodon Alpha

FF Rare Weapon Skin, Free Fire Player's Dream!

Another Rarer Weapon Skin goes to Megalodon Alpha, has a very cool and pretty good image. When you use the Scar Skin, it brings a very large Ocean Theme and has a very strong red Electric Effect.

Make it the coolest skin when you use it in a match, it’s still included as a Free Fire Weapon Evolution Feature right now. Of course it will make it even more invincible, especially if you increase the Evo Level to be even better when competing.

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed ​​–

Later if you compete using that weapon, it will definitely make the battle even more exciting. Has a fairly large Damage and Rate of Fire, even Reload Speed ​​must experience a reduction due to this increased power.

FF’s rarest weapon skin is Famas – Moonwalk

Of course, then there is a Famas Moonwalk Skin which has been quite popular for a long time, even being the most complete on Free Fire because of the model. If possible, Esportsku would say that this weapon is very popular because of its color, it even has an image of an anime character as well.

This is what makes him look so cool, so Famas Moonwalk himself does look strong in battle. It’s just that having Famas Moonswalk Skin is very difficult, because it is already quite rare for us to find later.

  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Reload Speed ​​–

Strong stats because it has high Damage and Long Range, of course Reload Speed ​​is reduced as well. So the Famas Moonwalk Skin itself must be used very well to win the battle.

After knowing the FF Rare Weapon Skin, you will become stronger and it will not be too difficult to see. Because this is a powerful and deadly Skin, you will be even more enthusiastic in facing enemies or making new collections.

Then with a Free Fire Best Bundle too, it will make your character even more fit to use it. It will look different in the match too, if you have done all this now.