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8 Best Skins Sun Mobile Legends (ML)

Sun is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who has the ultimate skill to create shadows. Sun himself is strong enough to go head to head with opposing heroes. Usually Sun is played as an offlaner because he can keep his lane well. You need to know that there are some of Sun’s best skins in Mobile Legends that you can get.

Playing Sun is actually quite easy, you just need to use all of his skills well and keep paying attention to your surroundings so you don’t get ganked by your opponent while playing as an offlaner. Sun mobile legends has quite a lot of damage and thanks to his ultimate skill, a shadow will be produced that will help him attack the opponent.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best skin for Sun Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how the appearance of each of the best skins that Sun has in Mobile Legends, let’s just see the full explanation below properly and correctly!

Sun Mobile Legends Best Skin

Esportsku will list some of the best skins that Sun has in Mobile Legends. Using this skin will make Sun’s appearance even better and there are also additional stat points obtained by him. For the list of skins, you can see below!

  1. Monkey King
  2. Battle Buddha
  3. Rockstar
  4. Street Legend
  5. Celestial Outlaw
  6. Simian Curse
  7. Spring Blessing
  8. Wicked Flames

So, those are some of the best skin lists that Sun has in Mobile Legends. You can get and use this skin in a gameplay when using Sun. For a detailed explanation of each of the best skins on the list above, let’s just take a look below!

Sun – Monkey King

Monkey King becomes Hero Sun’s Default Skin, showing his nickname to many as the all-powerful Monkey God. Even his strength, trained in the high mountains, made him even more incomparable in battle. Monkey King makes Sun have great power, especially to control his Shadow in attacking the enemy.

Sun – Battle Buddha

4 Best Skins Sun Mobile Legends (ML)

Battle buddha is an elite skin owned by Sun Mobile Legends. On this skin he looks sparkling with the gold colored costume he is wearing. To get this skin, you can buy it at the Mobile Legends shop only by exchanging the 419 diamonds you have.

Sun – Rock Star

4 Best Skins Sun Mobile Legends (ML)

Rock star is a skin with a special category owned by Sun. Like his name, on this skin he looks like a rock star. He wears clothes like a singer and a microphone in his hand. You can get this skin by buying it for 599 diamonds at the shop at Mobile Legends.

Sun – Street Legends

Street legends is the second skin from Sun which is included in the special skin category. In this skin, he looks like a street dancer and his clothes that are dominated by purple, black, and blue make him look even cooler.

Sun – Celestial Outlaw

Celestial outlaw is a skin from Sun that can be obtained by topping up 50 diamonds on the last S15. In this skin, Sun appears with his white hair and purple body which makes him look even cooler.

Sun – Simian Curse

How to Get Skin Sun Spring Blessings Mobile Legends (ML)

Simian Curse, one of the Starlight Skins that appears for Hero Sun, tells of Sun Sealed in a Sacred Urn. But because of the aura and power that finally got him out of the Seal. Sun’s appearance itself uses a broken Armor, shattered chain cuffs and a spirit soul that oozes out from behind him.

Sun – Spring Blessings

Creating beauty during the Lunar Festival Event, Sun Spring Blessing is one of the Limited Skins for certain events. Sun with the appearance of the Lunar Fest outfit, even his weapon turned into a fairly large fireworks spout. Even Sun with this relaxing animation makes Spring Blessing one of his best skins.

Sun – Wicked Flames

Wicked Flames is included as a very cool Skin Collector, featuring Sun entering the plains of Hell to gain power. Even until it finally turned his body into an ape-man with Lava-coated Iron Armor, even displaying an expression of destruction along with his Clones.

So, that’s the explanation of Sun’s best skin in Mobile Legend that Esportsku discussed. Using one of Sun’s best skins in Mobile Legends will make Sun look even better and his performance will also increase!