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7 Trivial Things That Can Make Smartphones Damage Fast

7 trivial things that make your phone break fast – When it comes to quality, whether or not a smartphone is durable that we use depends on how it is used on a daily basis. Therefore, if you realize the importance of smartphones in life, then you have to keep your smartphone so that it lasts, of course.

And it turns out that from small things that we may not even realize or can say with trivial things, it turns out that it can affect the performance of the smartphone itself. Well, if you do these things continuously then don’t blame if your phone won’t last and can cause faster damage.

Then what are the bad habits that can cause a smartphone to become damaged quickly?. Let’s take a good look at the following reviews.

1. Charge the battery after it is completely discharged

7 trivial things that make your phone break fast

Do not occasionally charge the battery in a completely dead or completely empty smartphone condition. Try to charge the battery in the 10-20 percent level. The remaining battery at 10 percent is claimed to absorb power faster when recharging, so the charging process is reported to be faster.

And if you force to charge the battery in 0 percent condition then recharging will take a long time, besides that it also risks making the battery power decrease even though your smartphone is still relatively new. So don’t let this trivial thing be a danger to your smartphone.

2. Using a smartphone while it is charging

7 Trivial Things That Can Make Smartphones Damage Fast

When the condition of the smartphone is charged, this process will generate heat energy on the smartphone. For those of you who always do bad things like playing games, chatting, watching videos, playing music while the phone is charging, the heat intensity generated from the phone will quickly increase.

Well, if you do things like this often and also become a daily habit, then don’t be surprised if your smartphone battery becomes wasteful, drops and can eventually spread to damage to the smartphone.

3. The habit of forgetting to turn off wifi and bluetooth

tips for using a smartphone to make it more durable or not easily damaged

One bad habit that can cause your smartphone to become damaged quickly is that you don’t occasionally forget to turn off the wifi and bluetooth connections, if they are not within range of the connection. Because of what? The system that works on the smartphone will continue to work looking for a connection. That way the smartphone will continue to work hard to supply the required power.

And if you often ignore things like this, then as a result your smartphone battery will quickly weaken and lead to damage to the smartphone.

4. Using a smartphone in a hot room

how to keep an android smartphone so that it lasts

Generally the use of smartphones is in a temperature of around 16 to 30 degrees. Try not to use the smartphone above this temperature or use it directly in the sun. Because if this is done, it will cause an increase in the temperature of the smartphone engine. Where this can cause damage to the smartphone. Logically, if the room temperature is hot, the conditions on the smartphone will also get hotter.

5. Wrong choice of casing

things that are considered trivial but can make the smartphone quickly damaged

Generally, people buy casings other than accessories with the aim of beautifying the appearance as well as to protect smartphones such as from scratches. But to choose the type of cellphone case, you also need to be vigilant and also careful. Because by choosing the wrong casing for our smartphones, it can have a bad effect on our smartphones.

So you can choose a casing which is of course made of a material that can release heat, such as leather or perforated material. And besides that when charging the smartphone battery, try to always remove the casing so as not to cause excessive heat.

6. Smartphone charged overnight

how to keep your smartphone from getting damaged

The most common thing people do is
charging smartphone before bed and when I wake up the phone is fully charged. But try to unplug your smartphone when the battery indicator reaches 90-100 percent. Therefore, it would be better if you remove the battery when the indicator reaches 90 percent so you don’t have to wait until 100 percent. Even though the smartphone is currently equipped with the ability to automate when the charge is full, it would be nice if the battery scale is fully charged.

7. Forget the habit of not closing applications that are not used.

7 things to avoid to make your smartphone last longer

When you don’t use an application, usually the application will not close the application automatically, but will continue to run in the smartphone background. And if you do this with many applications that you use, it can cause your smartphone to become damaged quickly. Because true applications that have not been closed will still consume battery power. And the logic is that the more applications that have not been closed, the consumption of battery power will be wasted.

Well, that’s a habit that is often done that people rarely realize can actually be a trigger for smartphone damage. So therefore so that the smartphone is durable or not easily damaged then it would be better to avoid the activities that have been as above.

Finally, I hope this article can be useful and don’t forget to share this article with your other friends so they can find out too, of course. Thank you for visiting and see you again in the next article post.