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7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

7 tips for saving smartphone battery when traveling/traveling – Traveling is a way to get rid of fatigue or boredom due to daily activities. And one of the devices that are usually carried or often used when traveling is a smartphone. Because it can be said that all activities or things that we need and need are on smartphones. Whether to communicate, read, get information, directions, entertainment and so on. And of course as a result, the more you use your smartphone, the more likely it is that it will consume more battery power.

7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

And the only problem that is often encountered when traveling is running out of smartphone battery and not being able to find a place to charge it. Where you might find it a little difficult to find an available socket when you need to charge. Well, to overcome this from happening, here are some methods that you can use to maintain smartphone battery life while on the road.

    1. Charge your smartphone whenever you can

    7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

    If the condition of the smartphone battery is still normal with a good percentage, you can take the opportunity to charge it. for example, if the battery condition is 20-30% you need to charge it. However, because when traveling there is no guarantee that you will be able to find an outlet to charge the battery, so whenever you can try to always charge or charge your smartphone battery even though the battery condition is still in a high percentage.

    2. Always use original charger

    7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

    The next way is to try to always charge the battery using the original charger. Because not only will your smartphone charge faster, but you will also reduce the risk of a smartphone exploding. Because usually if the charger used is not original, usually in the process of charging the smartphone battery it will also take a longer time. And besides that, usually if you charge using a charger that is not original, it can also cause the smartphone to feel hot. And it’s not impossible that cheap chargers made of cheap components can catch fire easily.

    3. Use airplane mode

    7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

    Turning on airplane mode will help you save a large amount of battery power. When you are in an area where the signal is bad, the signal will usually disappear. Well conditions like this will make your smartphone battery suck quickly or be more wasteful. Because the performance of the smartphone will always work to help you find a signal, and this signal search will drain the battery. In addition, you also need to disable other features that can cause battery drain such as bluetooth and GPS.

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    4. Use a dark smartphone wallpaper or theme

    This method is a tip that you can use whether you are traveling or not. Because it turns out that the fewer pixels needed on the smartphone screen, the more efficient your smartphone battery will be.

    In addition to screen display, this also applies to applications as well. So if the application has a dark theme or dark mode like youtube, then it will also reduce power consumption. And of the many applications, it turns out that many applications offer a dark theme.

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    5. Remove battery draining apps

    7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

    Sometimes to delete a favorite application does feel very difficult and requires consideration. But if you remember that the battery is the main source of your smartphone, do you want your smartphone to be in a dead state with no power at all? Well apps like facebook messenger will use up a lot of phone battery so when you feel you can delete it then just do it for the sake of a pleasant trip.

    6. Lower the screen brightness level

    7 Things That Can Save Your Smartphone Battery When Traveling

    To lower the light or brightness of your smartphone screen, then you can go to
    Settingsappearance and reduce or adjust screen brightness your smartphone. In addition, avoid setting the auto brightness feature or just turn off the auto brightness feature.

    In the display menu you can also check whether you have activated gps location or not. If yes, then please turn off your location/gps feature. Because if you leave the location alive, this will actually drain your battery.

    7. Download/download useful apps before going on a trip

    Don’t let when you travel you just remember what applications are needed. Well, by downloading the application before traveling, you can save battery. As well as download offline map inside the app maps before you leave, or other useful applications so whenever you can use or play them without an internet connection or offline.

    The less activity you do on your smartphone, the more battery power you can save. And the more services you can turn off, the more battery you save too.