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7 Telegram Tips and Tricks You Must Try

Tips and tricks on telegram – This chat application is not as popular as the WhatsApp application. But just so you know, that this application is a fierce competitor application for WhatsApp. There are many features that you can use and use in this one application.

7 Telegram Tips and Tricks You Must Try

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Where this application is equipped with useful features that will help when you use this application to the fullest. Well, by taking advantage of these options you will be able to adjust to your wishes and also help maintain your privacy. And here are 7 tips and tricks that you need to try on the Telegram application.

1. Change the Telegram theme or customize it yourself

tips on telegram

Opening messaging applications, especially Telegram, we usually do almost every time. If so, then seeing the same color display will usually make us tend to get bored with the display. Now, you can treat all that boredom by changing the color of your telegram. And for the method, please go to settings menu – theme – choose one of the default colors.

But if you want to customize the color of your own theme, please choose themecreate new theme name it on the theme you want to makeclick on 3 dots – edit – select option – add color you want.

2. Enable secret chat

how to enable secret chat on telegram

If you want to have a private chat that is very private. Then the Telegram application is the application that is suitable for you to use. Because by using this telegram application we can send hidden messages. You can choose the name of the contact you want to hide. Where with the secret chat feature, all of our secret chats will not be registered on the telegram server. Because our secret chat will self-destruct in a moment.

3. Better last seen feature

tips and tricks on the telegram app

Slightly different from the whatsapp application. If in the WhatsApp application the last seen / last seen feature allows it to be seen by everyone, contacts, or not at all. But on this telegram app last seen feature has a better development where you can choose and determine who can see our last seen. To do this, please enter the menu settings – privacy and security – visible time – then add exception – there you can add users.

4. Images are not directly saved in the gallery

7 tips for using the telegram app

If you use the WhatsApp application, then you can set the auto download feature. The drawback if we disable auto download is that we cannot distinguish if the incoming image is important or not because the image is visible. Meanwhile, if we activate the auto downlaod feature, it will automatically download all photos or videos that we receive.

But on telegram we can overcome both of these. Because we can arrange so that images sent via telegram are not stored in the gallery even though they are not stored, but the images you receive can still be received clearly. The trick is to simply turn off the save to gallery can find it on the menu Settings

5. Having multiple profile photos together

interesting features of the telegram app

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram allows you to have a profile picture that you upload to your account. Well, of course this will make it easier for you to change your profile photo if you are bored. So the feature of switching between photos that you have uploaded will benefit us. If you have time to upload more than one profile photo, your profile photo will be visible to others from the photos you previously uploaded.

6. Watching youtube videos while still chatting

advantages of telegram compared to whatsapp

Well, if you’ve ever received a YouTube video submission from your friend. To play it, of course, you have to close the chat application first, right. Well, with the Telegram application, this can be avoided because by using this application we can watch YouTube videos while still being able to chat. And for the very easy way, you open the video that you want to play then click the available picture in picture icon. And you can watch videos while chatting.

7. Add stickers to photos

unique features of the telegram app

If you like editing and also like adding stickers to photos, then you can do this using the Telegram application. Many stickers that you can find in this telegram application, of course the photo editing process will become more interesting.

Okay, maybe that’s all the article posting on this occasion about 7 tips and tricks on telegram, hopefully it can be useful for you and if you like please enter your comments about this article in the comments column that has been provided. Thank you and see you again in the next post.