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7 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends always releases lots of cool skins that players can use right now. You can also know the 7 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), maybe you will feel excited to try it. Because it’s from the Hero Skin, it’s very good too.

Especially for now the presence of Hero Yi Shun Sin in the Mobile Legends game including Marksman Assassin. Hero who is quite strong in long-range or close combat, that’s why this hero is indeed multi-functional in the future.

Then there is also a list of Mobile Legends Skin Collectors from the beginning until now, to make you better in competing later. Because of the power that we can get from this weapon, it will make you better without any difficult circumstances.

Next you have to know the 7 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), maybe you will be interested in that. Septemberbe you also have one of them, but it’s better to know Every Skin that is present in the game right now.

Best Yi Shun Sin Skin in Mobile Legends (ML)

Paenjong Legend

6 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

For the first one, it is clear that it is the Basic Skin of Yi Shun Sin which is present in the Mobile Legends game now. Surely the players already have all of these skins, we can also say that this is indeed the clothes of Yi Shun Sin from the beginning too.

Before being exposed to Revamp or Rework, this skin looks normal and may look different from the previous one. Because it used to be much more outwardly styled, it even had a Mustache and a Flat-shaped Hat that we could throw in battle.

But most clearly, if we didn’t have HD enough things in the past and we can still graph it, it’s still low. But now, we see Paenjong Legend is very cool, even being the initial appearance of Hero YSS.

The best Yi Shun Sin skin in Mobile Legends is Major General

Then for a skin that has a Normal level, it is Major General, it is clear that this Skin reflects the historical Yi Shun Sin. As long as you know that Yi Shun Sin is one of the famous figures in Korea, then he has the appearance of a strong general.

Well that’s how this Skin emerged and it’s almost like its appearance in History. Of course, with the presence of the Yi Shun Sin Major General Skin, it gives a slightly different impression when we use it when we are competing later.

Show the power of a leader to beat the opponent, finish them all with nothing left and achieve this victory.

Apocalypse Agent

6 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

An Agent chosen to undertake a Secret Task, Apocalypse Agent Yi Shun Sin is ready to accept the Task. The presence of a new skin with an appearance that is not like a war soldier, Yi Shun Sin changes his appearance to become a strong agent.

From the appearance of this skin, it also has a ship that turns into a savior. Even for this Yi Shun Sin Skin, it has a pretty changed appearance, moreover you can see from the Weapon Model and his very cool clothes.

That’s the advantage of this Apocalypse Skin, the price is also very cheap because you only need to spend a total of up to 599 Dm only.

Roguish Ranger is the Best Yi Shun Sin Skin in Mobile Legends

The appearance of a human wearing robot clothes, makes Yi Shun Sin difficult for us to recognize anymore. Even from here the appearance of Yi Shun Sin’s Skin is very cool, it can be seen from the appearance of his posture, even the ship has also changed.

For the effect that the Roguish Ranger will give it looks quite clear, from here the power you can get is getting bigger too. From there Yi Shun Sin was hit with this Epic Skin, even my Esports are also quite interested in using this Skin in matches.

Elite Skins that are present in the Shop for 599 Dm, you can buy them right away if you really want to have that Skin too.

Lone Destructor

6 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

A very powerful destroyer, it can even split all opponents with an attack from his bow. The power of the YSS Lone Desctructo Skin, being one of the Collector types that has a very cool effect.

Of course with the presence of the Lone Destructor Skin, giving the appearance of a Modern Archer with a Cyborg Body. Yup, in terms of effects and many changes through the Lone Destructor Skin, it makes all players interested in being able to have it.

However, this is a skin that is only present in special events, especially appearing on the Collector feature which is obviously quite expensive for a single spin.

The best Yi Shun Sin skin in Mobile Legends is Azure Sentry

A Starlight type Skin from Yi Shun Sin, named Azure Sentry which is similar to a Hero in Mobile Legends. But from most people too, if this has elements of a relationship with a secret agent who is much deeper in his duties.

Yi Shun Sin’s appearance itself looks quite clearly very good, even from here it has the most important point for you to do. Even from the armor and timing, as well as the clothes are full of Technology that can give the best attack effect.

This skin is coming to Starlight in September 2022, so there is a possibility that Azure Sentry could return again. But we just have to wait, all of that will be released soon or not in the Starlight Feature later.

Fleet Warden

An undersea leader, the Fleet Warden is an Epic YSS Skin with a price of 899 Diamonds only. This skin brings him the theme of the Ocean, and has the appearance of an ocean knight who is never afraid.

This skin will also turn his Ship into a Palace of the ocean world, even the ship that is his Passive becomes a Stingray. Yi Sun Shin has a Gold color headgear, then a weapon that uses a special fish fin and is very sharp.

Even the Armor itself was made of ancient oceanic materials that couldn’t be penetrated by anything in battle. So that his ability with the Fleet Warden Skin is very strong and very good.

After knowing the 7 Best Yi Shun Sin Skins in Mobile Legends (ML), then those of you who like this Hero do you have all of them? Make sure if you play the YSS hero correctly, so that the hero’s terrible potential appears.

Especially for Tips for Using Hero Yi Shun Sin now, maybe you will be interested in learning to try it. The power of the YSS Skin and the effects of its attacks, it can’t be denied that it’s the top one for us to have in the game.