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7 Best Skin Badang Mobile Legends (ML), Most Awesome!

There are some of the best Badang Mobile Legends (ML) skins that you can get and use. With the best skin of my esports choice, you can look more stunning when wearing a body on mobile legends

Badang is one of the special burst damage fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero can kill his opponent easily using his combo skill. Badang itself is suitable to be played as an offlaner because it is strong enough to hold the lane from the opponent’s attack.

Badang is suitable for two situations in a gameplay, namely for one-by-one situations and for team fight situations. The performance of this hero when his skills are used properly will be maximized and make him a big damage dealer in a gameplay. Using skins will make the body look even cooler in a gameplay.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best skin for Badang Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious about what are the best skills possessed by Badang and want to know what each of the best skins looks like, let’s just see the full explanation below!

Esportsku has made a list containing the best skins in Mobile Legends. There are 7 best skins owned by Badang and when used by him in a gameplay it will make his appearance even better. You can see the list below for yourself!

Now, here are some of the best skins that Badang has in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the skins above, you can see below!

The Best Skin Badang Mobile Legends (ML)

Badang – Tribal Warrior

The Strongest Hero In Offlaner Season 18 Mobile Legends

It is Badang’s pride as a warrior who saves the villagers from monster attacks. Badang Tribal Warrior is the innate skin of this hero and even becomes a symbol of peace in that place. Actually Badang does not have tribal tattoos at all, but because the Goddess of Water has been saved by Badang, the shape of the tattoo appears.

Badang – Ironfists

4 Best Skin Badang Mobile Legends (ML)

Ironfists is the Best Skin for Badang Mobile Legends (ML) which is included in the normal skin category. You can get this skin in two ways, namely through lucky spin and also buying it directly at the shop. The price of this skin is 269 Diamond.

The appearance itself is quite good for a normal skin class, Badang looks cooler with his typical red fighter costume. This skin is quite worth it for you to have in Mobile Legends.

Badang – Susanoo

4 Best Skin Badang Mobile Legends (ML)

Susanoo is the body’s best skin that is included in the special skin category. You can get this skin by buying it at the shop for 749 Diamond. Susanoo itself has a cool look and the costumes used by the Japanese Badang are typical. It looks very cool and looks like there are horns on the head of the body that make it look horrifying. The resulting skill animation effect is also quite good when used in a gameplay.

Body Skin – Zodiac Leo

4 Best Skin Badang Mobile Legends (ML)

Leo is the best skin for the body that is included in the zodiac skin category. To get this skin, you can complete the leo constellation in the zodiac summon Mobile Legends. the appearance of this skin is very cool and makes the body an iconic character of the zodiac leo. The dominant color used is purple and makes Badang look even more frightening.

Body Skin – Fist of Zen

Fist of Zen itself is a Badang skin that is included in the Epic Limited category. This skin has a very cool look. Badang looks more frightening with this cash costume. The animation effects generated from the Fist of Zen skin itself are very cool when used in a gameplay!

Badang – Pegasus Seiya

Being a Collaboration Skin from Saint Seiya, the body will receive a cool Skin like this with the shape of an Arrow weapon on its arm. But the punch became identical to the character of this Saint Seiya. Pegasus Seiya has 2 Forms, even later will make him wear Gold Armor. This skin is guaranteed to get 10 draws at the first Saint Seiya Event.

Badang – Steel Arm

The power of Badang’s punches that can destroy many things, makes him have a modification called Steel Arm. This skin is a Starlight Type, Badang will wear a Red Armor with a Blue Core in the center of his chest. This power will destroy the Wall in battle because his Punch has received a powerful Modification.

So, that’s the explanation of the best skin for Badang Mobile Legends that Esportsku discussed. Use one of the skins above and make your Badang look even better in a gameplay!