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7 Best Balmond Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Balmond is one of the most played fighter heroes at the moment. This hero is often played as an offlaner and is currently the best hero. As a hero who is quite popular. Balmond has a series of skins that you can play in Mobile Legends.

Hero fighter is currently the prima donna for Mobile Legends players. One of them is almonds. Not only playing as an offlaner, this Hero can be a very formidable tank. You can play Balmond’s hero with cool skins which we will discuss below.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a row of the best skins that Balmond has in the Mobile Legends game. So for those of you who are curious. Here’s a full review of the explanation of the Balmond skin. Which one do you have?

The ML Skins for the best balmonds in mobile legends that we will discuss include the following:

  1. Bloody Beast
  2. Power Source
  3. Ghoul’s Fury
  4. Savage Hunter
  5. Savage Pointguard
  6. God of Mountains
  7. Bioroid

Well, my esports will give you a complete view of the 4 lists above

Balmond – Bloody Beast

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Bloody Beast is a very powerful Innate Skin from Hero Balmond, even carrying Tema as a very strong Orc Warrior. Balmond with the nickname Bloody Beast is a creature that makes war, so that in battle it will certainly be covered in blood in the face of many enemies. We can also have this skin immediately when we already have the hero.

Balmond – Power Source

4 Best Balmond Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

The first best Balmond skin is Power Source. This skin is an ordinary skin given by Moonton. This normal caste skin has the appearance of a very dashing ogre. With all-gray color gradations with very large measles. With the Power Source skin, Balmond looks very scary and cool.

Balmond – Ghoul’s Fury

4 Best Balmond Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

Next is the Elite caste skin called Ghoul’s Fury. This skin has a dark green appearance that looks spooky. Ghoul’s Fury once got a revamp in its appearance. Now this skin appears with a new look that is cooler than before.

You can get the Ghoul’s Fury skin with this elite caste for a price of 599 diamonds at the shop in Mobile Legends. Of course, it is a cheap price if you see the appearance and animation effects of this skin.

Balmond – Savage Hunter

Savage Hunter is the second elite skin he has. It doesn’t match the name. Balmond is considered a fighter that is difficult to get savage. But with this one skin, it might be easy to get the savage.

Savage Hunter has the appearance of a hunter in winter, With clothes made of crocodile skin and a very large axe. Balmond becomes one of the tiger hunters in winter. You can get this skin for 599 diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Balmond – Savage Pointguard

Lastly, there is a Balmond skin called Savage Pointguard. This skin is the fourth skin owned by Balmond, as well as the best skin he has. Pointguard has a theme like a basketball player with the appearance of an ogre. Yes. Complete with fireballs in the animation, as well as basketball shirts but with a very scary look.

This Savage Point gar is a special skin that you can get for around 749 diamonds in Mobile Legends. With a cool look, as well as stunning animation, of course the price is fairly cheap for true Balmond users.

Balmond – God of Mountains

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Making him a Mountain God, of course being Balmond to have the power of this news is indeed very strong. Even Balmond’s appearance became that of a great Orc, thus being able to destroy many Mountains with a single strike. This power makes it a cool Skin Collector, because it has a lot of effects.

Balmond – Biorid

Biorid is a Starlight Balmond Skin that is a poison experimental material that can have a very Strong Mutation. Balmond Biorid’s skin turns him into a monster, and even has a slightly changed appearance. This skin makes him even stronger with iron claws and poison liquid as his strength. Even when carrying out an attack, Balmond Biorid if you use this Skin will give poison to the opponent.