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6 Types of Command Prompt / CMD Commands That Are Often Used

Command prompt – Well this time I will explain a little about what the Command Prompt is or what we are more familiar with the term CMD.
Command Prompt is a type of command from windows that is used to run a command and can be accessed online or offline.
This type of command is quite useful because we can use it for example accessing data, moving files and renaming and others.

How to enter the CMD menu / Command Prompt is:

  1. Click start
  2. Enter the search field by typing CMD
  3. then Enter
And here we will discuss several types of command prompts that are often used and we should also know from the many types of command prompt commands because they can be said to be very useful.


IP configuration
We can use this type of command to find out an ip address of the computer we are using or to know in detail the type of network we are currently accessing. And this type of command can only be used if we are connected to an internet network. For more details, see the following image.

2. ping the site address

Ping with cmd

This type of command is often used if we are going to know a traffic connected to a site, whether it is experiencing a problem or not. And with this command is also useful for troubleshooting network connectivity. For example, we will ping the Facebook site, for example, you often experience time out on this site, so you can check with the ping command on this Facebook site. Directly by typing the command ‘ping’ without quotes. As in the image below.



Works to refresh DNS and clear cache. This serves as a time saver when you access the same DNS address. DNS itself stands for Domain Name System. Which functions as a system that stores information about the host name or domain name.



Functions to check or scan for problems with a file system. If there is a system or file that is damaged, this feature will solve and fix the problem. Below is how it looks.

5.Cipher/permanently delete directory


The purpose of Deleting a directory permanently is usually when you delete a file but the file still exists or persists on a disk. So with this feature you can ensure that no more deleted files will be returned or recovered. This command is arguably more effective without the help of third-party software. To use it specify the drive and type the command cipher /w:c. As in the image below.

6.Netstat-an/view list of network connections and the port used


This feature or command is very useful, for example you are connected to the same ip address so that later you will be able to see various statistics on the network used and will display all connected networks and their port names. See the image below.

That’s 6 types of frequently used command prompt commands which you can try. Hopefully this article can be useful, thank you.

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