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6 Sophisticated Applications That Must Be Used For Whatsapp Supporters

6 android whatsapp support applications – As we already know that until now, the largest and most popular messenger application is the WhatsApp application. And it can be said that almost all Android-based mobile phone users use the WhatsApp application.

6 Sophisticated Applications That Must Be Used For Whatsapp Supporters

Besides being used to chat or chat with friends, this application is also equipped with various features which are certainly very helpful. And these features include being able to share files and share locations (share location).

However, beyond the features of the WhatsApp application, it turns out that there are various WhatsApp supporting applications that we can find inside playstore. In addition to having additional functions, some people consider this support application to have an important and must-have role.

And what are the supporting applications for whatsapp?. At this time I will review 6 advanced applications supporting whatsapp that you must have on your android phone. And here is the review that I have summarized specifically for you active WhatsApp users.

6 android applications to support the whatsapp application:

1. Recent Notifications

android whatsapp app companion app

Wrong message on whatsapp? Or maybe it’s just a typo? But if the one who sent the message was our boyfriend, then he deleted the contents of the chat. Dong must have left a trail stating that he had deleted the message.

Sometimes if something like that happens then we will be curious and wonder why did he delete his chat message? what’s in it? Isn’t that so bro?. And if so, fortunately there is an application on the Playstore that is able to detect and see what the contents of messages that have been deleted by our friends on WhatsApp are.

Well, the application itself is called recent notification, you can download the application for free. And it has been downloaded by more than 1 million users, and from its size it also only has a size of 1.8 MB and has a 4.0 rating. Now with you installing this application you are no longer afraid of being curious about what the contents of the deleted message are.

And for those of you who don’t know how to use it, please read it in the article I posted on the previous occasion. How to find out the contents of messages that have been deleted on WhatsApp.

2. Split Video For Whatsapp Status

very useful application used to support whatsapp

As you already know, making a video status on our WhatsApp application is only able to upload it to a story that can only last 30 seconds. And the question is about what if you have a video with a longer duration then you want to upload it on whatsapp?

Well, luckily there is an application that allows you to upload videos of long duration. So when you have a long video, you can upload it according to the duration of the video.

And an application that can do that is called split video for whatsapp status. You can download it via google play store for free and this application only has a size of 2.6 MB only. Curious about how to use this application, please see more in the article I wrote earlier, namely How to Upload Videos on WhatsApp Status with Long Duration.

3. Az Screen Recorder

the best android application for whatsapp application support

Besides being used as a screen recording function, it turns out that this application can be used to record calls when we make video calls on the WhatsApp application. Sometimes if you experience long-distance love, the best moment is to make a video call.

And to treat the longing that surrounds you, you can record when you make a video call on WhatsApp. So you can play and watch it again anytime if you want. For those who are interested in trying it, you can download the application Az screen recorder for free via google playstore.

4. Whats Bubble

best whatsapp support app for android

If you like a unique chat style where every time a message comes in, then the message will resemble a balloon. You can use an application called WhatsBubble. So by using this application you can change notifications if there are messages that enter your WhatsApp. You can also download it for free on google playstore and the application itself only has a size of 9.2 MB.

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5. Fake GPS Location

android application as a supporter of whatsapp application

When your friends ask to send your location or position via whatsapp then of course we can’t lie or lie about our whereabouts at that time. Because the location data sent by WhatsApp is accurate data from the location access system on your cellphone.

So by using the application fake GPS we can set the existence of the location according to our wishes. For example, if your current location is in Jakarta, you can adjust your position in Bandung. And if it is set, then you can directly send it to your friends.

And for the application itself, you can download this fake GPS application for free at www google play store where this application has been downloaded by more than 10 million users and only has a size of 1.9MB.

6. Hushed

recommendations for the best wa application support applications

In general, when we create a new WhatsApp account, we are required to register our active mobile number to get a verification code. Well, for those of you who want to register for whatsapp but don’t have a cellphone number or just want to just create a whatsapp account without using a cellphone number, then you can easily do it.

Only with the app
hushed which you can download on the playstore for free, then you can register a whatsapp account without using a cellphone/phone number. So that it will certainly be easier with the help of this hushed application.

Okay, that’s the article posting this time about 6 whatsapp application support applications which you can use. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. And if you like, please leave your comments via the comments column provided below. Thank you for visiting and see you again in the next article post.