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6 Important Applications That Are Useful For Daily Life

6 android applications that are useful in daily activities – Currently, technology has become more sophisticated. Various affairs and needs can be done using a smartphone. By bringing your smartphone anywhere, you can take advantage of the existing situation. Such as making it easier when ordering tickets, booking places, picking up and many more. Even many people are dizzy when the phone is left behind.

With technology that is increasingly progressing, especially on Android smartphones, now many applications are popping up on the internet google play store. Sometimes you will be confused when you want to download an application because the name and function are almost the same. Well, among the many applications available in the app store, now there is a special application that can make your life more organized and easier. Besides this application is also very important and useful.

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6 Applications that can make your smartphone more useful:

1. Puzzle Alarm

6 Applications that can make your smartphone more useful

This application is especially for those of you who feel the time to wake up is too difficult. So for those of you who are often late for work, school because you often miss the alarm when you wake up, you must try this one application. Because it is guaranteed that you will wake up.

Because later you have to play the puzzle first if you want to turn off the alarm. If you haven’t played the puzzle game, the alarm clock will still turn on and sound. Obviously this application can support your productivity so you can wake up early.

2. News App

6 Important Applications That Are Useful For Daily Life

Well, for those of you who don’t want to miss the latest or most updated news, you must and must have a news application. Many sites or applications are available on the Playstore to get the latest news. In addition, there is a lot of content there that you can enjoy with just one application.

And if you like the world of technology, politics, entertainment, and so on, then you can choose the application that is suitable for your life. Well, there are a lot of news applications available on the Internet google play store
such as seconds, compass, babe, and others.

3. Travel Apps

applications that can help with daily work

For those of you who like to travel, now you can download applications that can help and make your trip easier. Such as booking plane tickets, trains, booking hotels and so on. So all your trips will be very easy and also more efficient. Because you don’t need to be afraid of running out of places or tickets because you can review it first before ordering it.

And only by using a smartphone, now your traveling affairs will become easier. Well, there are many applications that you can use and download on Google Playstore such as traveloka, trivago, airy and so on.

4. Online Transportation Application

essential app for android that is useful

Well, for those of you who like to travel either to the mall or to a friend’s place who doesn’t want to take long and also wants to get there quickly. Then you can take advantage of online transportation applications. Lots of choices online transportation especially in Indonesia itself. Because online transportation is believed to be able to reduce traffic jams, get to the destination quickly and also the rates are not too expensive.

And even now online transportation, apart from picking up passengers, this platform also doubles as goods delivery services and food ordering. Well, only with a smartphone you can order transportation online anytime and anywhere. The origin of the range can still be accessed by GPS. In Indonesia, this online transportation is like: gojek, grabike, grabtaxi.

5. Online Shopping Apps

applications that help make daily work easier

If you don’t want to be complicated when buying something or items that may be far away or maybe doubting whether the item is in stock or not, then you can buy it online. In addition to the cheaper price, you can freely choose according to your wishes.

Online shopping is also very beneficial for those of you who cannot or are not accustomed to bidding on the price of a product. So don’t be afraid to get shot at a high price. This kind of application is an innovation to make it easier to meet the needs of life. It is clear that the presence of innovations such as this application will change various aspects of life. Such as business travel can be done instantly.

And even now online shopping stores are starting to spread with various competitive competitions, so the supply of products is also increasingly varied. It only takes a few clicks and your needs immediately appear and are visible. Now there are many online shopping applications such as Bukalapak, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bibli, Shopeeand so forth.

6. Light Game Apps

android application that can make it easier for you to live your daily life

When you are waiting for someone sometimes we will feel bored and especially if we wait too long. Well, it’s perfect if you fill the waiting moment to just play light games to drain boredom.

There are many choices that you can play and you can download at google play store. And the size of this light game is available only with a size of 2 MB. Examples of light games include: Racing Moto, slitter io, Angry granetc.