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6 Best Skins Kaja Mobile Legends (ML)

Kaja is one of the support fighter heroes in Mobile Legends which in the current meta is very rarely used. Kaja itself is actually still usable and still effective enough to be an initiator in a gameplay. You need to know that there are some of the best Kaja Mobile Legends skins that you can get.

Playing Kaja is actually quite easy and make sure you can use every skill well. kaja can easily lock the opponent’s hero and can quickly kidnap him to be dragged towards his teammates. Spell flicker is one of the most suitable spells for Kaja to use in gameplay.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best skins for Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how each skin that is owned by kaja looks like in a gameplay, let’s just see the full explanation below!

Esportsku has made a list of the best skins for Kaja’s hero – in Mobile Legends. Using this skin will make Kaja even cooler when played in a gameplay. For the list of skins, you can see below!

  • Nazar King
  • Command
  • Kaminari
  • Horror Whiplash
  • Skyblocker
  • Crow Magicians

So, those are some of the best skin lists that Kaja has in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the skins above, you can see below!

Kaja – Nazar King

An Innate Skin from Hero Kaja, giving great strength to face all enemies without any fear at all. Because indeed Nazar king himself makes Hero Kaja himself has quite strong damage. Shows an ability that is very capable of destroying enemies with a very strong King power.

Kaja – Commandment

Commandment is a normal skin that Kaja has and you can get this skin in two ways. you can buy it at the shop for 269 Diamond or get it through lucky spin in Mobile Legends. The appearance of this skin makes Kaja even cooler because he uses sturdy armor with a dominant silver color. Kaja looks stronger when using this skin.

Kaja – Kaminari

Kaminari himself became one of Kaja’s best skins in the starlight member skin category. You can get this skin by becoming a starlight member during the kaminari skin period. This skin has a pretty cool appearance and makes Kaja look like a lightning god. The dominant color used in this skin is red and green. This skin is very worth it for you to get,

Kaja – Horror Whiplash

skin kaja mobile legends

Horrow Whiplash is one of the elite skins in Mobile Legends where you can get this skin by buying it at the shop for 599 Diamond. This skin has a good appearance where Kaja is made even more sinister because it uses the Whip of Death theme. The color combination used in this elite skin is very suitable and makes Kaja look even more frightening in a gameplay.

Kaja – Skyblocker

skin kaja mobile legends

Skyblocker is the best skin owned by Kaja. This skin is included in the epic limited category and it is very difficult to get it. The price itself is very expensive. This is comparable to the quality of this skin where the appearance and animation effects produced in a gameplay are very good. Kaja looks like a modern robot with his lightning powers.

Kaja – Crow Magician

A Skin that is present at Season Rank 20, Kaja Crow Magician has very strong Magic-related powers. Not even one could escape his so-called Illusionary Traps of power. Featuring Kaja in a Red Wings Magic outfit, a Suit outfit with a Crow Hat and Mask which looks very dangerous.

So, those are some of the best skins in Mobile Legends that Esportsku reviewed. Use one of the skins above and make your Kaja look even more interesting in a gameplay!