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6 Best Skins for Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Eudora is one of the Mage heroes in Mobile Legends who gets a revamp in the NEXT project update. This previously forgotten hero is finally in the meta now being widely reused after getting a revamp. You need to know that there are 6 best skins for Eudora Mobile Legends that Moonton has given to Eudora.

Playing Eudora is actually quite easy because you only need to use the skill combo effectively to kill the enemy. Great damage makes it able to defeat enemies with just one combo. Septemberbe the difficulty when using this hero is the movement speed which is fairly slow and must maintain a good position.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the 6 best skins for Eudora Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how the Eudora skin looks in Mobile Legends, let’s see the full explanation below!

There are some of the best skins that this Mage hero has in Mobile Legends. My esports has made a summary for you and please read the list of Eudora’s best skins below!

  • Lightning Wave
  • Flame Red Lips
  • Christmas Carnival
  • Emerald Enchantress
  • Vivo Selfie Goddess
  • Countress Scarlet

So that’s the list of the best skins from the hero mage Eudora in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of the appearance of each of the skins above, you can see below!

Eudora – Lightning Wave

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Lightning Waever is the first skin that Eudora has as a default for you to use after getting the Hero. The nickname makes it indeed have the power of Lightning because of the name it is. This skin is also included in something beautiful, because the power of electricity itself cannot be doubted.

Eudora – Flame Red Lips

5 Best Skin Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Flame Red Lips is Eudora’s skin which is included in the normal category in Mobile Legends. You can get this skin at Lucky Spin Mobile Legends or buy it using diamonds for 269 diamonds. The appearance itself makes Eudora more elegant and wears an orange costume that suits her,

Eudora – Christmas Carnival

5 Best Skin Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Christmas Carnival is a skin with an elite category that you can get by buying it at the shop for 599 Diamond. This skin uses a Christmas theme for Eudora’s overall look. The costumes he uses are typical of Christmas and use the color red as a whole complete with other decorations.

Eudora – Emerald Enchantress

5 Best Skin Eudora Mobile Legends (ML)

Emerald Enchantress is a Eudora Epic Limited skin whose price is very expensive and quite difficult to obtain. Eudora’s appearance in this skin is very frightening and the costumes she uses are also very good. Eudora is made like a powerful lightning queen when using this skin.

Eudora – Vivo Selfie Goddess

This skin is included in the collaboration skin between Mobile Legends and Vivo. You can buy this skin at the shop for 749 Diamond. Its appearance makes Eudora like an iconic Vivo brand and the resulting skill animation effect is quite good. It’s really worth it for you to buy and get.

Eudora – Countress Scarlet

Countress Scarlet is Eudora’s season skin that uses the Steam-Punk theme. The skill animation effect produced from this skin is also quite good and makes Eudora’s appearance more frightening than usual. This skin was obtained at the turn of season 15 yesterday.

So that’s the explanation of the 6 Best Skins for Eudora Mobile Legends that Esportsku discussed. Using the five skins above will make your Eudora even more GG in a gameplay!