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6 Best Skins for Aurora Mobile Legends (ML)

Aurora is one of the mage heroes who is still able to adjust the Mobile Legends meta well. Aurora is usually played as a support hero in a gameplay. There are some of the best Aurora Mobile Legends skins that you should know. When using this skin, Aurora will look even cooler.

Playing Aurora mobile legends is actually quite easy because in addition to having great damage, this hero can also give a Crowd Control effect in the form of Freeze to his opponent when his passive skill is active. Aurora is a hero that is suitable for team fights and can kill her enemies with just one combo.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best skin for Aurora Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious about the appearance of each skin owned by Aurora, let’s see the full explanation below!

There are some of the best skins owned by Aurora in Mobile Legends. Esportsku has made a list of the best skins owned by Aurora. Here’s a list of the skins!

  • Frost Orcale
  • Nature’s Throne
  • Heartbreak Empress
  • Foxy Lady
  • Aquarius
  • Kula Diamond

So, those are some of the best skin lists that Aurora has in Mobile Legends that have been released MY ESPORTS SUMMARY. For a detailed explanation of the appearance of each of these skins, you can see below!

Aurora – Frost Oracle

Five of the Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends

This is Aurora’s first skin, which is more precisely the default of the Hero. It’s really cool and has Ice elements and themes that go deep into its soul. Of course this makes Aurora’s appearance when competing, it will definitely become stronger and will make you even more invincible. Just buy the hero at a price of 24000 BP and you can immediately get this Congenital Skin.

Aurora – Nature’s Throne

5 Best Skin Aurora Mobile Legends (ML)

Nature’s Throne is one of the skins owned by Aurora and is included in the normal skin category. You can get this skin from the Mobile Legends lucky draw or buy it directly at the shop for 269 Diamond. His appearance made Aurora wear a green costume that made her look even more graceful.

Aurora – Hearthbreak Empress

5 Best Skin Aurora Mobile Legends (ML)

Heathbreak Empress is an Aurora skin that is included in the starlight member skin in Mobile Legends. You can get this skin at the Mobile Legends Fragment shop by exchanging 200 rare fragments. The appearance of this skin itself makes Aurora like a queen of a job who wears a costume with a dominant color of red.

Aurora – Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady is Aurora’s special skin that you can get by buying it at the shop for 749 Diamond. The appearance of this skin makes Aurora look more elegant and even more sexy. Aurora is seen wearing a long dress with a dominant white color which is degraded by red. The animation effects produced from this skin are also very good. Worth it for you guys to get.

Aurora – Aquarius

Aquarius is the Aurora zodiac skin that you can get by completing the Aquarius constellation in the zodiac summon Mobile Legends. This skin makes Aurora an iconic character from the constellation Aquarius in Mobile Legends. The animation effects produced are also very good and this skin will make Aurora look even cooler.

Aurora – Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond is a limited Aurora skin that can only be obtained at the KOF event. This skin makes the aurora character change its appearance into a diamond kula in King Of Fighter. The price of this skin is also very expensive because you can only get it after getting Bingo at the KOF event.

So, that’s the explanation of the best skin for aurora Mobile Legend that Esportsku discussed. The five skins above will make Aurora even cooler in a gameplay when you use it!