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6 Best Skins Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Bruno is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who has a pretty sick critical attack. This hero also has good escape skills when used in a gameplay. You need to know that there are 6 best skins for Bruno Mobile Legends that can make it look even cooler. His skin is divided into several categories ranging from normal skins to limited epic skins.

Playing Bruno is actually quite easy and usually this marksman hero is played as a Hyper Carry in a gameplay. To be able to maximize the potential contained in Bruno, you have to use the right emblem and talent set up, use the right build items, and also have to be able to maximize every use of his skills well in a gameplay.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the best skins for Bruno Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what and how the best skins that Bruno has in a gameplay, let’s just see the full explanation below!

Best Skin Bruno Mobile Legends

4 Best Skins Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku has made a list regarding Bruno’s best skin in Mobile Legends. Using one of the best skins in a gameplay will make Bruno even cooler in terms of appearance. You can get the skin by buying it at the shop or getting it from a certain event. For a list of the skins themselves, you can see below!

  1. The Protector
  2. Vanguard Elite
  3. Best DJ
  4. Street Soccer
  5. Firebolt
  6. The Falcon

So, those are some of Bruno’s best skins in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation regarding the appearance of each skin, please see below!

Bruno – The Protector

Hero Marksman ML hurts for beginners in Mobile Legends 2020

Bruno’s innate skin, The Protector is his nickname as one of the strongest protectors. Has the talent of the ability to play the ball with agility, like one of the pro soccer players who is able to kick strongly. Together with the Core of a core as the Ball, Bruno’s attacks will become even stronger with this Skin. Only by buying the Hero, you can immediately get it.

Bruno – Vanguard Elite

4 Best Skins Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Vanguard elite is Bruno’s skin which is included in the elite skin category. This skin makes Bruno look like a soccer player because he uses a jersey with the number 10 back. This skin has a pretty good skill animation effect. To get this skin is also quite easy because you can buy it directly at the Mobile Legends shop.

Bruno – Best DJ

Best DJ Is a skin with a Special category belonging to Bruno. You can get it by buying at the shop for 749 Diamond. This skin makes Bruno look even cooler, like a DJ who also likes to play soccer. The resulting skill animation effect is also very good.

Bruno – Street Soccer

Street Soccer is a skin that is included in the Elite category and can only be obtained from certain events. His looks make Bruno like a street footballer. The resulting skill animation effect is very good above the average elite skin usually.

Bruno – Firebolt

Firebolt is a skin that is included in Bruno’s Hero Limited skin category. This skin makes Bruno a Hero who has the power of fire and uses the ball as his main weapon. The skill animation effect itself is very cool and there are several kill and recall animation effects that make it even better.

The Falcon


A Special Skin that symbolizes like a Real Football Player, The Falcon Skin has a very large Kick power. Because indeed with this skin, players will become a captain in a team. Even his nickname as The Falcon, his eyes are very keen to watch the enemy in the match. This skin is only available for an event only.

So, that’s the explanation of the best Bruno Mobile Legends skin that my Esports has reviewed. Using one of the skins above will make Bruno look even cooler in a gameplay. Do you already have some of Bruno’s best skins in Mobile Legends?