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5 Useful Tips on Playstore for Android Hp Users

5 useful tips on playstore for android users – For those of you Android users, you are already familiar with the Google Playstore application. Where on google playstore this can be said as the main source of all kinds of activities carried out on android devices. Why is that?. Because Google Playstore is a store of all kinds of applications, which is the main source for downloading various kinds of content that Android users need.

But have you ever imagined that there are some things that you may often ignore when opening or accessing the Google Playstore on your smartphone?. It turns out that in the google playstore there are some useful tips that you can use when you use the google playstore. And it turns out that the benefits of these tips are one of the important things to have a function that can make it easier for us to manage and access applications on our Android smartphones.

5 useful tips on playstore for android users

1. Find our list of apps

It turns out that to manage the list of applications that we have installed is quite easy. We do not need to be bothered by looking for arrangements here and there. Because it turns out that in the google play store application we can find a list of our applications where we can manage and manage these types of applications such as seeing which applications need updating or updating, being able to delete unused applications and seeing new applications that belong to you. not installed yet.

The method : Open google playstore – select the three lines icon in the upper left corner – then select my apps and games. After that, see the list of applications and you can update some applications that you think need to be updated or you can delete unused applications. Look at the image below.

Useful tips on Google Playstore that you need to know

2. Prevent auto-update apps

Usually when you are connected to a wifi network, immediately some of the applications in the Playstore that you have installed will automatically update themselves. Sometimes for some people, things like this will certainly interfere when opening other applications or while running various activities on Android.

And the impact of the above is that it will usually make the network slow. Well, it turns out that you can set it yourself so that all the applications that you have installed do not update automatically. So that we can update or update it manually only and according to need.

The method : Open the playstore application then click the menu in the upper left corner then enter settings – then click on automatic application updates – please choose according to your needs.

how to disable automatic app updates via google playstore

3. Activate the parental control feature

As parents, we should pay more attention to the development and behavior of a child. And of course this is a concern for many people about the negative impact caused by the spread of smartphones among children and adolescents. Because the Playstore is a large kiosk, there are some applications that are not suitable for minors to play or install, for example, game applications that are full of violence, even with game addiction, children often become lazy to learn. And besides that there are also several chat applications that are specifically for adults that are inappropriate for use by children. And so forth.

Well, that’s it for that now in the playstore itself provides a special room called kids space. Where expect to be able to monitor the use of mobile phones by children. So the use of the application can be even wiser.

The method : Go to google playstore – select settings – select parental controls – then enable. Then after that you will be asked to create a secret pin. Choose which applications must be included in the list of prohibited applications for your child. SAfter that look at the restrictions you want based on age. This means that only games or applications with the appropriate rating will be allowed to be viewed.

So, if you choose a rating of 13+, for example, all games and applications that are displayed on the Playstore will follow the rating you chose. And for more details you can see the image below.

how to activate the parental control feature via google playstore

4. Eliminate automatic shortcuts when installing applications

For those of you who often install applications on the Playstore, every time you do the installation, all these applications will produce shortcuts or icons that appear on your Android home screen. And the more you install, the more shortcuts that appear.

And things like this will make the screen display on Android messy. Sometimes there are also people who want to make the page on their smartphone not filled with icons from the application or game. Now there is an easy way to do it so that no shortcut icon appears on the Android home screen.

The method : Open the google playstore application – go to the settings menu – then disable it in the add icon to home screen option. For more details, you can see through the image below.

hidden tips that people rarely know on playstore

Well, that way when you install a new application on your Android device, the application you install automatically does not form a shortcut or icon on your Android home screen.

5. Add payment method on google playstore

Now we can buy content on google playstore in an easy way. If some time ago we needed a credit card to buy content on the playstore, but now a new payment method has been added to google so we can easily buy content on the playstore.

So in addition to using the credit card method, we can buy by using pulses. In addition, there are also many payment methods that you can use and choose from.

The method : Open the google playstore application – then go to the settings menu – enter the account – then select the payment method. As in the image seen below.

5 tips on google playstore

This service also has a feature to cancel the application purchases that we have made. For example, if you change your mind or for other reasons that prevent you from buying the application and our money or credit can be returned.

Okay, maybe that’s the post on this occasion about 5 tips on google playstore which you can put to good use. So that way you can find out more about the things that can be done through the Google Playstore application.

Finally, I hope this article can be useful for you, and don’t forget to share this article with your other friends or relatives so they can find out too. Thank you for visiting and see you again in the next post on this blog.