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5 Sick Heroes in Mobile Legends, Have Deadly Burst Damage!

5 Sick Heroes in Mobile Legends, Have Deadly Burst Damage!

Currently there are various rows of heroes that you can use to be able to play in Mobile Legends.

Starting from assassin heroes, mages, support, marksman to tanks, they certainly have their own advantages when compared to each other.

Interestingly, not all heroes have painful damage to be able to kill opponents briefly.

Therefore, here are the sickest heroes in Mobile Legends who can instantly kill enemies in an instant.

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Eudora Mobile Legends

Although underestimated, in fact Eudora is one of the deadliest heroes ever in Mobile Legends.

By using the skill combo he has, of course the opponent will disappear from the Land of Dawn in just seconds.


Hero Buff Patch ML February
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Having abilities like Eudora, Aurora is also able to finish off opponents just by using a combination of her skills.

Unmitigated, this hero can even do damage to many heroes at once and it is possible that you will get savage very easily.


Hero Combo Johnson
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Saber is arguably one of the most effective counter heroes of every hero in Mobile Legends.

By using triple sweep after utilizing his passive, he can even directly finish his opponent in a short duration.

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Lunox Mobile Legends

Having trouble fighting thick heroes in Mobile Legends? Of course, you can try Lunox because it has very deadly damage.

When using Power of Chaos: Darkeningthe hero is able to provide painful magic damage repeatedly with a very fast duration.


Mobile Legends Free Skin - Beatrix

Finally, Beatrix must be a marksman hero who has the ability burst damage the deadliest ever in Mobile Legends.

Both when using SMG mode, Shotgun even to Sniper he is able to finish off many opponents with only his ultimate.

So, that’s the list of the sickest heroes currently available in the SPIN Esports version of Mobile Legends.

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