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5 Hero Mage OP Mobile Legends Who Can Play As Goldlaner

Who said a mage has to be a midlaner? Here are 5 mage op heroes in Mobile Legends that can be played as a goldlaner, anyone?

Generally, all Mobile Legends players use mage heroes as midlaners because they are assigned to clear lane and main damage to the team in the early game.

But did you know that there are several mage heroes that can be played in other roles, for example in the goldlaner role.

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And here are 5 mage op heroes in Mobile Legends that can be played as a goldlaner, anyone?


Lylia mobile legends
Photo via IzzyCrown

The first is definitely Lylia, this one mage hero is very commonly used as a goldlaner by Mobile Legends players.

Because his win percentage against the opponent’s goldlaner is 90%, yep he is able to defeat the opponent’s goldlaner very easily using his spamming skills.


Chang'e Build
source : Mobile Legends

Then there is Chang’e, although not as effective as Lylia, but Chang’e can also be relied on in the goldlane. Clear lane he is very fast plus Chang’e has the ultimate that can corner the opponent.


Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via nufuruu – Tumblr

100% of the opponent’s goldlaner will lose badly when facing Harley who is deliberately played as a goldlaner. It only takes level 4 that Harley can kill the opponent’s goldlaner either from role mm, assassin or mage.


Alice op mobile legends
Photo via Twitter

Generally played as an explaner, but Alice is also suitable for playing on goldlane. The level of effectiveness remains the same, even better in goldlane because Alice’s items turn out faster.


Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via ART street by MediBang

Finally there is Zhask, the same when you play Lylia in goldlane. Zhask is also able to intimidate the opposing goldlaner using his skills.

Especially skill 4 which can enter the body of his joni and it is very feared by all Mobile Legends heroes, especially the opposing goldlaners.

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