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5 Hardest Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends, But Has OP Ability

Did you know that these 5 Mobile Legends fighter heroes are dubbed as the most difficult mechanics but have enough op abilities, anyone?

Generally, heroes with high mechanics must have very terrible abilities, like the following five fighters.

Where they all have the highest or most difficult mechanics in Mobile Legends but also have terrible op abilities, who are the five heroes?

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Yu Zhong

Mobile legends strongest fighter hero
Photo via DeviantArt

Yu Zhong is the first fighter with the most difficult mechanics in Mobile Legends, but don’t get me wrong, his abilities are the best among all fighters.

Yu Zhong was able to duel anyone who dared to fight him because his own passive was terrifying.


Masha mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Looks easy, but make no mistake to master this one hero takes quite a long time. You have to pay attention to everything when playing Masha.

You can’t just enter the war, pay attention to the blood timing, direct the skill to be right and so on.


Minsitthar revamp
Photo via Pinterest

Then there is Minsitthar, here skill 1 Minsitthar is the most difficult cc skill among all heroes. Even more difficult than Franco’s 1st skill.

Not to mention skills 2 and 3 must really be used in the right direction, otherwise the origin of the enemy will easily defeat him.


Photo via Pinterest

Then there is Leomord, the mechanic of this fighter is quite complicated. There are 2 gameplays that you must understand when playing Leomord.

First you have to play without the horse and second you have to play with the horse, it looks easy but playing Leomord can’t be careless.


Freya mobile legends
Photo via IzzyCrown

Finally there is Freya, it looks easy to just be barbaric when playing Freya. The fact is that using this one hero you have to be super careful.

You can’t just enter the war, don’t be too barbaric and so on

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