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5 Best Argus Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

This is a list of the best Argus hero skins in Mobile Legends, Argus is one of the best fighter heroes who just got his newest skin, Darth Vader.

The skin was present in a collaboration event between Mobile Legends X Star Wars which gave Argus the opportunity to have an exclusive skin.

This is so that more Mobile Legends players play the Argus hero, that way, you can be even more enthusiastic about playing it.

Now for those of you who are Argus hero users, here is a list of the best skins that Argus heroes have in Mobile Legends. Check out the following review.

List of Best Argus Skins in Mobile Legends

The following is a list of skins owned by the best Argus heroes in Mobile Legends. Have you got it all?

Dark Angel

Dark Angel is the Congenital Skin of Hero Argus which describes his fall into an Abyss of darkness. Despite being a Malikan Descendant, his contradictory nature made him unable to control himself. This Dark Angel is also the name of Hero Rafaela who is also his brother. Dark Angel skin is available when you buy Hero Argus for 32000 Bp.

Light of Dawn

Light of Dawn is the first skin owned by Argus, this skin has a pretty cool look that changes the basic color of Argus’s hero from black to white.

Unfortunately, as a normal skin. Light of Dawn does not have other cool animations that give you pride when using it.

Changes occur only in color changes, but it is enough to provide additional stats for Argus.

Drak Draconic

Next is the Dark Draconic skin which is the Starlight skin owned by the hero Argus in Mobile Legends.

This skin is the best choice that provides cooler details than normal skins. You can get it by exchanging 200 Rare Skin Fragments.

This skin can be the best choice right now, especially for those of you who are F2P players.


Catastrophe is an Elite skin owned by Argus, this skin has an all-red appearance with pretty cool details.

Argus looks like a Devil who came out of Hell, this skin has an Elite caste that you can get for only 599 diamonds.

Now to get it, you can buy it at the Shop, and of course as an Elite skin, this skin has cooler animations than the two skins above.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is the newest skin that was just released in September 2022. It is a collaboration skin from Star Wars X Mobile Legends. Darth Vader is the sultan’s choice for Argus skin.

You can get it through the events that are presented, as an exclusive skin, of course, the price of this skin is quite expensive.

You have to spend a deep pocket to get just this one skin. Even so, for those of you who are fans of the Star Wars franchise, you can get this one skin.

So that’s all the best skins that Argus’s hero has to date. Of all the skins above, which ones do you already have?