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5 Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a variety of the latest very cool updates for you to try right now. Then also use 5 Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML), will help him in dealing with enemies more easily. Because the Lylia we know, has very good potential in dealing with enemies.

This hero named Lylia is indeed very strong, even making her a Mage with the best damage and slow skills. Especially if you attack in the Early and Late Game, it’s still very strong so that you fight it, you must be wary.

Then there is also How to Use Hero Lylia Mobile Legends, in order to maximize your abilities with this Hero. Good and precise abilities, will certainly help players to be able to easily play the game faster.

Including 5 Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML), will support Lylia and not too difficult when competing. It’s because Lylia with this kind of ability, can give a more commensurate ability if she uses a spell like that.

Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML)


Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML)

Even though Lylia has a good escape skill, Flicker is still a suitable Battle Spell. The problem is that Flicker itself will make Lylia do a Dash, to make it easier for you to escape from the enemy who is actually chasing you.

You can also use this Spell with Ultimate, if my Esports has tried it and it’s pretty easy. Ultimate first, confuse the enemy and attack the enemy if there is a new opportunity to run away using Flicker to find a longer distance.

Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends is Flameshot

Most hero mages will definitely use Flameshot as their Spell, because it can make it easier to defeat enemies. Based on my Esports experience too, it turns out that Spell Flameshot itself can help you escape if the enemy is really close to us.

You must use this Flameshot Battle Spell as best you can, so that you can attack enemies who are far away. The damage from Flameshot depends on your Build Magic, if it hurts, if you release this Spell the damage is also quite high.


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Players can also use Battle Spell Execute, for us to combine with Lylia’s character in the match. It greatly affects the game too, because it is suitable when you want to eliminate opponents who are already dying.

But it’s rare to use it like this, it’s only possible if you really want to kill easily without having to direct it like Flameshot. You understand Spell Execute Mobile Legends, so it can be easy to attack enemies.

Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends is Aegis

Lylia is a Mage who is quite often at the Front, because we have to direct the Skill Distance as best we can. Aegis provides a Shield defense that will absorb Damage, thus making the hero not subject to considerable damage.

But my Esports advice is to understand Tips for Using Aegis Mobile Legends Spells, so that they are used on time as well. So that the enemy who is ready to give high damage, apparently can’t because it is restrained by a spell like this.


Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML)

Until now, there are still those who use Hyper Lylia, because it makes it easy for them to farm very quickly. As for Esports, I know, the Retribution for this Hero is quite strong too, so it’s easier for you to do farming because the SKill also supports it.

So if you use Lylia Retribution, it will definitely be faster in terms of filling Levels for Skill and Build. The problem is that Lylia, who can use skills when building, will make it difficult for the opponent to move.

After knowing 5 Battle Spell Hero Lylia Mobile Legends (ML), then just pay attention to the Spell that you use in the match. As much as possible you understand the use of the Spell and start using Hero Lylia better than before.

Also understand the existing Mobile Legends Hero Role Type, because it can help players to recognize the type of hero as well. Each role must have various strengths, so you will also better understand the game process without experiencing difficulties in dealing with it.