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5 Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even for 5 Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML), you can immediately use it in the match later. Moreover, Hanabi’s ability will indeed be helped by a Spell like this.

Hero Marksman is indeed very strong and becomes an important key in the battle against the enemy well. Especially for the Hero named Hanabi that we know, it is very strong and deadly even when facing many enemies to be able to win.

This is also included from the strong Mobile Legends Hero Role Type, it even helps in battle very easily. It depends on what kind of hero user it is, but if Hanabi can use it, it will definitely be difficult to kill the enemy.

Then for 5 Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML), it will help him very well in dealing with the Enemy. That’s why the use of Battle Spells like this is very important, it can help you to deal with opponents easily.

Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML)


5 Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML)

Hanabi is a Hero who does not have Dash and Blink Skills, very popular with Spell Flicker. This is useful for him when he has to run away from enemy attacks, even this way your abilities will get better in battle.

Moreover, even if you are doing War, you can later adjust the position if the enemy already knows his position. Just use Spell Flicker, Hanabi will immediately miss that one position and will be very helpful for war and escaping.

Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends is Inspire

Inspire is also quite popular for use on Hanabi, because its ability is indeed quite helpful in attacking enemies. So that when Hanabi turns on this Spell, she will immediately attack the enemy quickly, even the biggest attack is very good.

That’s why Inspire is really quite helpful for Hanabi players during War, especially when the enemy is in a crowd. Players who used Spells would definitely be helped and it wouldn’t be difficult with something like that.


5 Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML)

If this is indeed an escape from the enemy, Spell Sprint is enough to help Hanabi when escaping from enemy pursuit. Because with high Movement Speed ​​and immunity from Slow, Sprint becomes a spell that is quite suitable for Hanabi to compete.

But you have to know the use of Spell Sprint Mobile Legends, so that later you can play very easily. Without having any difficulty at all in dealing with the enemy, if you are using the Spell, run away if you are cornered.

Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends is Vengeance

Hanabi is usually the target of the enemy, make sure to also use the Vengeance Spell even though it’s not too mandatory. The power that emerges from this Spell is indeed very good, because it will make the enemy hit by reflection damage while attacking.

That’s why Vengeance itself will be quite helpful, so you will have no trouble using Hanabi. Especially with Hanabi’s Passive which turns out to be able to provide a Shield and Immunity Damage and CC, then it’s really advantageous to use this Spell.


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You can use Hanabi with Execute, but it’s not too mandatory because there are still much better ones. Because if Hanabi makes the enemy now sometimes unable to get killed, then this Spell can indeed help do it.

Depending on the situation you are facing too, because this Spell is not good when doing War. For example, you can still fight 2 enemies, but if it’s war, you can or you can’t.

After knowing 5 Battle Spell Hero Hanabi Mobile Legends (ML), you will no longer be confused about the use of the Spell. Just plug it in and use it, it will definitely make it stronger in the face of enemies.

Then also understand Tips for Using Hero Hanabi in Mobile Legends, so that it will be very helpful in dealing with enemies later. Because a strong Hero Marksman like this, we must be able to develop his skills in battle.