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4 Ways to View Our Own Facebook Links on the Latest Android

How to View Our Own Facebook Link on Android by Pejuang

How to see our own Facebook link on Android – In certain situations and conditions, of course, we as Facebook users want to know the url or link of our own Facebook account. This should not be without a reason, usually because it has a purpose to share it with other people, or write it down on other social media accounts, to make it easier to find.

Because the name is a link or url, of course if you just tap once it will immediately take us to the site page in question, for example here is a link from our facebook account, or our facebook profile link, then of course if we just tap the link once it will go straight to to the Facebook account profile in question.

And as we know that for the Facebook application itself on Android phones, if we look at the Google Playstore search, we will see 2 Facebook applications, where there is a regular Facebook version and there is also a Lite version of the Facebook application or a lighter version.

Well, on this occasion, considering that there are 2 Facebook applications on Android, both of which will take us to the Facebook site view, so with that we share here how to see your own Facebook link on Android on the Facebook Lite or regular Facebook application. Please just read the steps on how to check or see the following facebook link itself.

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1. How to View Your Own Facebook Link on Android on a Regular Facebook Application

If the android phone that you are using is using the usual Facebook mobile application, the method is as follows.

  • Run the facebook application, and make sure to log in to the desired account, because who knows you have more than one facebook account.
  • After logging into your facebook, then we tap on the facebook profile photo icon to go to the profile page of our facebook account.
  • Furthermore, when it is on the Facebook profile view itself, we just tap on the 3 dots, as we show through this picture.
how to see your own facebook link on android

  • Then several options will appear and you just select the “copy link to profile”.
  • If we have tapped once on the option above, then it has been copied to the clipboard on our Android phone, here we just have to paste it or paste it first to the notepad application or note application, or also for example want to write on the bio of other social media accounts such as Instagram for example or twitter then you can directly paste it in the existing column for website writing. Which is where if the link is later clicked by someone else it will go directly to our facebook account page.

2. How to View Your Own Facebook Link on FB Lite

For those of you who usually use the fb lite application, the method is not much different from the usual mobile facebook application, which is as below.

how to see your own facebook link on fb lite
  • Open the fb lite application, and login to our fb account.
  • Tap on the facebook profile logo as shown below, then tap the three dots to the right of the edit profile text,
  • Next click on the “copy link” button.
  • Done, and can be directly pasted.

3. How to View Our Own Facebook Link Through the Browser

When you are used to using Facebook via the Chrome browser on an Android phone, then please follow the steps to see it below.

  • First here we open the Google Chrome browser application, then go to
  • After that make sure to log in or log in to the desired Facebook account itself.
  • Furthermore, if you have entered our facebook view, here we continue by heading to our facebook profile page by tapping on our facebook profile photo icon.
  • After that we click on the address bar column or the address bar at the top of Google Chrome. Here usually when we click it will immediately block all the page link arrangements. The arrangement of the link is our own facebook link apparently.
how to see our facebook link
  • Now, when we click it, then we tap to copy the link, then paste it into notepad to see the fb link itself, and later can be directly copied again to write it down on our other social media account bios.

4. How to find out your own FB link with a username

If you want to share your own Facebook link to WhatsApp to send to friends or other people, then you can directly write the link directly with the link arrangement pattern, which is as below.

From the above arrangement, if you change to username using your Facebook username, which is usually used to log into your Facebook account, then if you write it down in your browser or send it to WhatsApp, it will go directly to our Facebook profile page. For example, to write it like this: then if your friend clicks on whatsapp, it will immediately open on our facebook profile.

So from that, we just need to change the username in the link arrangement pattern above, using our own Instagram username. And it’s important for you to know that what is meant by username here is not your facebook name that is on your fb profile, but what is commonly used to log into facebook.

Well, so that’s 4 ways to see your own Facebook link on Android easily. Hopefully you can understand well and hopefully the information we share is useful for all readers who have stopped by here. Thank you for your visit 🙂