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4 Ways to Save HP Realme C21Y Battery That Users Must Know

How to Save Battery on HP Realme C21Y by Fighters

How to Save Battery on HP Realme C21Y – Anyone also wants to make the cellphone or smartphone that the battery used lasts longer. Especially if the person is on a trip that does not allow him to charge the battery on the realme cellphone he is using.

Well, as we know, this type of c21y android phone has a battery storage capacity of 5000mah. This is of course quite large capacity. However, if it is used to play online games, for example, the cellphone will be more wasteful than its use.

Apart from playing games, there are also other activities that can make the realme cellphone battery that you use run out quickly. And at this time we will share how to save the realme c21y cellphone battery so that it is more efficient and doesn’t waste power in vain.

How to Save Battery for HP Realme C21Y

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There are several ways to save realme battery that we can do to make it durable or not wasteful of battery, please refer to the following:

1. Turn off Location Features

The first thing we need to disable is the location or gps feature, because this feature will continue to update each device’s location. So that if it is active it will continue to suck up your cellphone battery, even if it is not used to open the maps application though.

Therefore, so that the battery lasts longer, you can use the gps or location feature when needed, and after that check the quick panel on the realme cellphone and turn it off again when finished. Also read: How to display network speed on the Realme C21Y cellphone

2. Use the Dark Mode Feature or Dark Mode

You can use the darkmode or dark mode feature on your realme cellphone to save your realme cellphone battery. So make sure that the realme cellphone battery is not wasteful, then you can activate it on the realme cellphone quick panel and activate it when you want to save battery.

3. Check the Applications That Waste HP Battery

Next, you also need to know what applications are installed on your realme cellphone that consume the most battery power, or you can check applications that you rarely use or don’t really need, but it turns out that the application is enough to drain battery power from your realme cellphone.

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For how to check battery usage from applications running on realme phones, you can do the following:

  • Next scroll down and select “battery”
  • Then after that click the 3 dots at the top right, then select battery usage
  • Well, on the battery usage page we can find out what applications are consuming battery power on our realme cellphones.
  • Furthermore, if there is an application that makes it wasteful and we rarely use it, then we can uninstall the application.

4. Use the Battery Saver feature on Realme phones

On realmi cellphones there is a feature for battery saver, you can activate this feature in the quick panel of realme cellphones. Just scroll down the screen and icons will appear such as cellular data, wifi, bluetooth, location, and so on, including the battery saver feature.

Well, for this battery saver feature, you can adjust the settings yourself by long press on the battery saver icon on the quick panel, then adjust it according to usage needs.

Okay, those are the 4 ways to save the realme c21y cellphone battery that you can apply on your cellphone. Septemberbe that’s all we can say, and if there are friends who want to add to the 4 ways to save realme battery above, then you can add them via the comments column provided below this article. That is all and thank you. Also Read: 5 Best Applications To Check Hardware On Android Smartphones