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4 Types of Heal Free Fire (FF) Weapons, Support Squad!

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try playing. Then try several types of Heal Free Fire (FF) Weapons, it will help players become easier and better. Of course it will help the team very easily in facing any difficult opponent later.

Because indeed the battle with the Squad will become more exciting, depending on your cooperation as to how to do it. Moreover, to face other Squads in this game, it will definitely become more exciting and you can’t ignore it at all.

Trying Free Fire Squad Playing Tips, it will definitely become easier and you can do it smoothly. As well as learning the mindset of the existing game, of course this will indeed support your game flow to become more stable to deal with enemies easily.

Then the presence of a Heal Free Fire (FF) Weapon Type, then your battle will be even more exciting. Because it is the appearance of a Support Squad in the match, this can be the main key to your victory to face the enemy easily.

Weapon Type Heal Free Fire (FF)

Treatment Pistol

Heal Free Fire (FF) Weapon Type, Support Squad!

The first weapon that can indeed provide Heal is the Treatment Pistol, even this is the first pioneer in the game. Of course the Treatment Pistol is indeed a Handgun type in the Free Fire game, so we will see it in Slot 3 for the use of the weapon.

Then the Treatment Pistol itself is easy for players to find in Squad Battle Royale Mode, because of the gameplay. So that those of you who use this weapon in a squad, will never lack Heal when competing later. Heal of this weapon ranges from 25-40 for one shot.

The type of Heal Free Fire weapon is Treatment Sniper

New Weapon Treatment Sniper Free Fire (FF)

Then you can immediately see the appearance of Treatment Snipe, another suitable Heal Weapon from afar. This is a pretty good Free Fire Back Line Weapon, it even helps Squads from a distance to do Support Healing easily.

It will also be easier to use Treatment Sniper, because your position will enter the safe side. Especially if you give Healing to friends, you can reach a total Heal of 50 – 80 Points when you shoot a friend with this.

Treatment Shotgun

Heal Free Fire (FF) Weapon Type, Support Squad!

At close range there is also a Heal Weapon which is quite strong, Treatment Shotgun is one of those choices. Of course with the use of this weapon we can support a close friend, even help him to do Rush at the same time.

The heal of this weapon has a short shooting range, so you have to be close to friends if you want it bigger. So as an example, up close this healing can reach 60 – 75, but from a distance the weapon only gives 2 – 10 Heal.

The Heal Free Fire weapon type is the Treatment Laser Gun

Then the presence of a Treatment Laser Gun, is a weapon that releases a Laser to give Heal to friends. So this weapon does focus on Heal only, so those of us who shoot can immediately Heal as much as 200 HP with 50% Charge.

But there is something you have to remember, if the Treatment Laser Gun itself has a mechanism that is quite interesting. When you use the weapon to do healing, you have to press the attack button first and then you can give a very large Healing.

After you see the Heal Free Fire (FF) Weapon Type, then help the squad with attacks to give Heal easily. Of course, with a weapon like this, players will find it easier to deal with enemies without having to be confused by things like that.

Then to understand the Facts of the Free Fire Treatment Gun, maybe you will immediately understand all of this now. Because indeed it is something that is easy for us to remember, especially with its power that is able to provide quite a large heal.