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4 Skin Incubator AWM Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released many cool latest updates for you to try right now. The presence of an AWM Free Fire (FF) Incubator Skin, it will look very cool and you can try it right now. Because this way you will know more about it.

Especially for events that keep appearing in the Free Fire game, make sure you finish the mission right now. Because there are so many good gifts that we can have, don’t let it all pass and you can try it right away.

Then the presence of a list of existing Free Fire Incubator Skins, it really makes you curious what all of these will appear. It will definitely be something good for players to have now, if you really want to have this skin.

Then at the same time seeing the AWM Free Fire (FF) Skin Incubator, surely one of them really makes you curious what it looks like. Let’s know later the statistics of this weapon’s skin, so that we also know one of the cool forms when you take it in battle.

Skin Incubator AWM Free Fire (FF)

Crimson Firehorn

Skin Incubator AWM Free Fire (FF)

  • 8 Evolution Stones + 4 Blueprint Reptilia Guns.
  • Rate of Fire ++, Armor Penetration + and Movement Speed ​​-.

This is the main Skin which of course we can find in the game, of course the AWM Incubator Skin that you can find now. Of course, the presence of the Crimson Firehorn is the coolest gift from the AWM Incubator right now.

Of course, with an animated appearance with the theme of a burning forest, it even has a very large and strong fiery color. Because from the shape alone it looks cool, even for the power of a large Fire that can indeed make you stronger.

AWM Free Fire Incubator Skin is Mossy Vinehorn

  • 6 Evolution Stones + 3 Blueprint Reptilia Guns.
  • Damage ++, Range + and Movement Speed ​​-.

The Power of Poison, which is part of the latest AWM Skin Incubator, does look cool for you to try playing now. Of course, with an appearance like this, it will definitely be more exciting, so that we can have this skin too.

Especially if according to my Esports from the main stats it is quite strong because the Damage and Distance increases. Although this Movement Speed ​​decreases when you use it, it won’t really affect us much later.

Iron Etherhorn

  • 4 Evolution Stones + 2 Blueprint Reptilia Guns.
  • Range -, Reload Speed ​​+ and Armor Penetration ++.

Then then the appearance of a skin with the strength of iron that is very hard, even capable of providing great destruction. Because indeed the Iron Etherhorn itself does look strong, so you are also interested in using it very easily.

Because from the name itself it has Stats like Armor Penetration which will destroy Vests and Helmets very quickly. So from its name, Iron Etherhorn can indeed be used properly when facing enemies.

AWM Free Fire Incubator Skin is Titanium Warhorn

Skin Incubator AWM Free Fire (FF)

  • 2 Evolution Stones + 1 Reptile Guns Blueprint.
  • Damage +, Reload Speed ​​++ and Accuracy -.

Titanium Warhorn which is very strong in dealing damage and reloading very quickly, this skin will have a very strong Titanium coating. No wonder if indeed the strength of a Reptilia Guns will indeed help a lot in battle easily.

So this will be a very good skin, so we can try it right away if we want by trying it now. Because indeed the appearance of the Titanium Warhorn will also really help in the battle with AWM Skins like this.

After seeing the AWM Free Fire (FF) Incubator Skin, you will immediately know the appearance from here in an easy and very interesting way. It will definitely make your character stronger and it won’t be too difficult to deal with enemies with the skin.

Then also understand Tips for Using AWM Free Fire Weapons, it will really help with existing Skins. Because indeed with the Skin and also the tips for using it easily, so that we are not difficult to face the enemy.