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4 Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skins

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to see. Also take a look at the Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skin, you will definitely be interested in collecting one of them soon. One of the really good skins, so you won’t have a hard time dealing with enemies.

Hero Baxia is one of the very strong Oriental Fighter Squads, even in defeating the Black Dragon Yu Zhong. The power that will lead the front line of defense, this shows the might of Baxia who is completely invincible when facing the enemy.

Also understand the Tips for Using Hero Baxia Mobile Legends, so that later you can do really good playing performance. So that those of us who do it will not be confused, especially when using the Hero to win.

If you can also use it with the Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skin, it will make the Hero even cooler. The appearance of this large body will be even more suitable, if you have used one of the existing Skins now.

The Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

Mystic Tortoise

Baxia Mobile Legends Hero Skills and Tips

Mystic Tortouise is a Default Skin from the existing Baxia hero, you can see its shape and appearance right now. It looks really cool too to prove Baxia’s struggle with the Oriental Fighter against the very strong Black Dragon.

The default skin will be directly received by players by buying Hero Baxia for 32000 BP. Using his very large Shield, strong defense in the face of many opponents when competing with the team later.

Baxia Mobile Legends Skin is the Best is Wild Totem

The Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

Having a burning power that makes his skin red, Wild Totem is a very strong skin from Baxia. Like describing Baxia’s strength which focuses more when using Physical attacks or dealing damage.

Even so, this Normal Skin only has a power that is also quite strong. It depends on what you wear when you compete, but Baxia as a Tank can really help. The price is only 269 Diamonds for you to have the prize.

Badass Roller

The Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

Baxia transformed into a Motorcycle Gang Leader ferociously, his appearance using a large Wheel to drive him. Later Baxia will also come using a Tire and a Chain which is the first weapon, then unite with the big Ban.

A full appearance like the head of a motorcycle gang does look solid, even the effect when fighting enemies. The presence of the Elite Badass Roller Skin also has a price that is not too expensive, just 599 Diamonds are enough to get it right now.

The best Baxia Mobile Legends skin is Ba-tender

Working as a Ba-tender in a Bar, Baxia also has rules when carrying out such work. No one can disturb him while he is drinking or not, then 2 giant dart boards will float to your face.

This skin is indeed quite elegant and uses a maid outfit like a bartender. It looks cool and has a Type as a Special Skin, you can immediately get it for around 749 Diamonds to get the prize.

Seeing for yourself the Best Baxia Mobile Legends (ML) Skin, you will immediately know and be interested in using it too. As a nice and cool Skin, it will also make the players even cooler in dealing with enemies.

Then also use Combo Hero Baxia Mobile Legends, to become stronger in overcoming enemies when competing. An ability that will help very well, this battle with teammates will become even more exciting.