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3 Ways to Delete All Messages on FB Lite Quickly

Because someone is so famous on Facebook social media, sometimes it makes many people send private messages on Facebook to get acquainted. This is usually experienced by women, because most single men are scattered on Facebook to find a partner.

And when there are a lot of messages from friends on Facebook and you feel uncomfortable seeing them, and want to tidy up all those messages, by deleting them or cleaning them, it’s certainly a good thing you do.

Basically how to delete all messages on facebook lite it’s easy enough. You just need to go to your conversation page with friends on facebook, then tap the gear icon and then just delete the messages.

It looks easy, but how do you delete messages on fb lite quickly? There are at least 3 methods you can do to delete messages on fb lite. You can see the full review below:

How to Delete All Messages on FB Lite Quickly

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How to Delete All Messages on FB Lite Quickly

1. Via FB Lite

For FB lite users, the appearance may be familiar. The available menu positions, ranging from notifications, messages, and several other menus, must have been memorized. To be able to delete messages, you are allowed to open the message feature which is usually between the notification menu and the marketplace.

If so, select the conversation you want to delete, then open the message and select the gear icon in the right corner of the conversation. After that select delete conversation and select delete. Automatically all conversation messages contained on your Facebook will be deleted right away.

2. Via the Messenger App

You can download messenger app on playstore on android or appstore on iphone. After that log in using your facebook account, after successfully logging in, select the conversation you want to delete. Open the message and go to the Details menu by selecting the (i) icon in the upper right corner.

If so, then you are currently in the Details menu, after that select the 3 dot menu in the upper right corner. A dropdown will appear containing several options, select Delete Conversation or Delete Conversation. Then a warning will appear to delete the conversation. Select Delete to quickly delete the entire conversation.

3. Via Google Chrome Extension

You can also delete entire conversations on Facebook by going through a third party. Check out the full guide below:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Type Facebook Fast Delete Message in the google search field, then press Enter
  • Look for the site with the title Facebook extension – Delete All Messages.
  • Then you will go to the chrome extension page. Click Add To Chrome to add the extension to Google Chrome
  • Then select Add Extension.
  • If so, the Open Your Messages button will appear, click immediately to enter your facebook account.
  • Inside the extension, you can select Delete All Messages.
  • A warning will appear, select OK to start the process.
  • If successful, then all conversations on your facebook account will be lost.

And that’s him 3 how to delete all messages on fb lite fast, which you can try to practice. Hopefully this information can help you to quickly delete messages on your Facebook account.