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3 Veteran Heroes of Mobile Legends Who Should Get Moonton Revamp

According to SPIN Esports, the following 3 veteran Mobile Legends heroes should be revamped from Moonton so they can all compete.

As you know, Moonton always brings new heroes to the Mobile Legends game every month.

The more heroes there are, the more veteran heroes are forgotten because their skills are old school and many can’t compete in the current meta.

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Therefore, SPIN Esports has some suggestions for 3 veteran Mobile Legends heroes that Moonton should revamp.


Roamer goldlaner mobile legends
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Even though it received a revamp some time ago, according to SPIN Esports, it was not enough to make Minotaur enter the meta.

His skills are not competitive with other tankers, Minotaur must really revamp all his skills so that they are useful and used by players.


Minsitthar revamp
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You could say Minsitthar is the weakest fighter in Mobile Legends, all of his skills are very bad and useless for the team. Even though the ultimate skill effect is good.

But the area is very small and the opponent is easy to avoid, not to mention Minsitthar’s 1 and 2 skills don’t support it, if you use it in the exp lane then you will feel that Minsitthar is really useless.


Mobile legends revamp hero
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Moonton should pay more attention to Aurora, even though the combo skill is very good because it can kill in an instant but still it’s not enough to bring Aurora into the meta.

Mobility and a long time to activate the combo skill are the main reasons why players are reluctant to use it.

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