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3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Lesley in Mobile Legends

Lesley the weakest marksman hero in Mobile Legends? Who said, here are 3 reasons why you should pick Lesley in Mobile Legends rank.

The average Mobile Legends player thinks that Lesley is one of the weakest marksman along with Hanabi, Layla, Miya and so on.

But actually that assumption is completely wrong, if you understand Lesley and know when is the right time to use Lesley in a match.

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Regarding this, here are 3 reasons why you should pick Lesley in Mobile Legends rank, he is a promising marksman.

Reliable in 1vs1 . Situations

Lesley mobile legends
Photo via ig xcessmlbb

You must know that all of Lesley’s skills or abilities are single targets, which means that Lesley is very good in 1 vs 1 situations with opponents.

That is also what makes him tough on his lane, because during 1 vs 1 with Lesley’s opponent, there is a great chance to win as long as you can play the timing to attack.

Best Passive

Mobile legends strongest Lesley
Photo via ZEDGE

Then from his passive, Lesley is arguably the best for a marksman hero, where he can disappear and come back to attack as he pleases.

And when he disappeared Lesley could not be locked by anyone, the opponent was forced to attack Lesley manually without the help of the feature or tap in the hero he was wearing. This ability is Lesley’s own strength during the war.

Big Damage in Late Game


The last reason is that the damage is very large and effective in the late game, when entering the late game the opponent will be guaranteed to be hit by Lesley.

And the damage he will receive is quite large, it is very difficult for us to dodge or withstand attacks from Lesley.

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