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3 Players Favorite OP Marksman in Rank Epic Mobile Legends (ML)

You have to know, here are 3 favorite marksman op heroes in the Mobile Legends (ML) epic rank, especially for those of you who are hard-pushing at Epic.

Having trouble getting out of the Epic Mobile Legends rank? Calm down spinners, you can use these 3 recommended marksman heroes from SPIN Esports.

Where are they all marksman op and favorites of Mobile Legends players at epic rank, anyone?

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Mobile legends strongest marksman
Photo via Pinterest

First there is Miya, for some reason this hero is very favorite in the epic, even though Miya is less effective as a marksman even though she has gotten a revamp some time ago.

In the early game Miya is still not useful, she needs at least 2 items in order to join the war, even for a duel with the opposing goldlaner is quite difficult for Miya.


Mobile legends new hero
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Then there is Beatrix, you could say Beatrix is ​​the best marksman in Mobile Legends. He has 4 different weapons, each of which has a different gameplay.

And that’s what makes Beatrix so unique, hard to beat, and so on. Anyway, he’s a priority pick when he’s out of rank.


Moscow mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Finally, there is Moskov, has a heavy attack speed and lifesteal, making Moskov a must for you to pick when playing in Epic.

This hero is really a player’s favorite because it’s easy to get kills when using it, just play the position when playing Moskov.

Those are the three marksman op heroes and are the favorites of Mobile Legends players in epic ranks. Pick these heroes if you want to get out of Epic.

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