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3 of the Most Terrible Franco Combo Heroes in Mobile Legends

You should know that here are 3 of Franco’s most terrible combo heroes in Mobile Legends, one of which is Franco’s most effective deadly duet.

Do you like using Franco? Then you must know the following 3 hero combos. Which the three of them made Franco even more terrifying.

Then who are the three Franco combo heroes? And how do the combos run smoothly? The following is an explanation from SPIN Esports.

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Xavier mobile legends
Photo via Khaila Diaz

First there is Xavier, having a stun that can easily hit opponents from his 1 and 2 skill combos makes Xavier very helpful for Franco’s 1st skill.

So when the opponent is stunned by Xavier, Franco just pulls the opponent and ulti. Xavier can also ulti immediately or wait for his stack to be full while continuing to attack the opponent that Franco managed to pull.


Marksman mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Then there’s Wanwan, if Franco manages to attract the enemy or ultimate the enemy then it’s a big advantage for Wanwan, he can easily bring out his ultimate.

Not to mention Wanwan’s 1st skill can also create stun which can help Franco to attract opponents.


Selena mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Lastly, there is Selena, both stun heroes make them both very scary if they are on the same team.

They both can complement each other, if selena manages to stun the opponent with skill 2, then Franco just pulls the opponent with skill 1, and vice versa.

Those are Franco’s 3 hero combos in MLBB, which are your favorites or do you want to add?

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