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3 Marksman Heroes That Are Hard to Defeat Zilong Mobile Legends

You should know that here are 3 marksman heroes who are difficult to beat by Zilong Mobile Legends, who are they?

Zilong is the most feared fighter hero by all marksman in Mobile Legends. The reason is because Zilong can kill mm heroes in just one attack.

Because the level of effectiveness in killing is very high, Zilong is really feared by marksman.

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But wait, there are some marksman that Zilong is hard to beat and even has a great chance of turning things around, who are they?


how to fight moskov inspire
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First there is Moskov, if Zilong is being targeted then the best solution to overcome it is to use 2 Moskov skills.

Especially if you are between walls, which can kill Zilong apart from avoiding him.


Miya full damage mobile legends
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Then there is Miya, here Miya’s 3 skills are the key to successfully winning the duel with Zilong. When Zilong wants to lift it with skill 1, Miya can escape with her ultimate.

It can even kill Zilong using his 2nd skill which creates stun and his attack speed and damage are quite high.


gold lane mobile legends

Finally there is Wanwan, Wanwan’s 2nd skill is the key for him to avoid Zilong’s lock. After that Wanwan can attack Zilong while staying away and if there is a chance Wanwan can unlock her ultimate.

Because in addition to the massive damage Wanwan produces, she can also stun Zilong as long as skill 1 hits Zilong gradually.

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