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3 Hero Fighter Mobile Legends Without Mechanics But OP

You must know that these 3 fighter heroes in Mobile Legends don’t have high mechanics but have very good abilities, anyone?

Moonton deliberately created many Mobile Legends heroes with their own unique abilities, such as the following fighter heroes without high mechanics accompanied by op abilities.

Not only reliable in their abilities but they can all be played or even suitable for novice players.

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Then who are the three fighter heroes without high mechanics in Mobile Legends who have those terrible abilities?


Mobile legends riot hero
Photo via Pinterest

First there is Hilda, new to Mobile Legends or want to play MLBB casually? Then Hilda is the main hero recommendation.

Playing him doesn’t need high mechanics, you just press and direct the skill. Even so, Hilda can also kill her opponent in just 1 attack using her ultimate.


Balmond mobile legends
Photo via DeviantArt

Who doesn’t know Balmond? This tutorial hero also has very low mechanics and is suitable for anyone to play.

But even so, Balmond’s abilities are no less terrible than the other fighters and he is quite reliable.


Hero Lifesteal mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Finally, there is Argus, playing Argus just needs the right timing. If you have mastered that then you will be the best Argus user, because the skills just press it and Argus relies more on his basic attack.

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