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3 Forgotten Heroes of Mobile Legends but Have the Strongest Lifesteal

Here are 3 Mobile Legends heroes who have the strongest lifesteal, the three of them are forgotten but can still be relied on.

The term lifesteal in the Mobile Legends game must be common for you to know, this lifesteal is the ability to increase blood for physical damage heroes.

Now about that, there are 3 heroes with the strongest lifesteal in Mobile Legends, but all three are currently forgotten heroes, anyone?

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Hero Offlaner mobile legends
Photo via YouTube

First, there is Alucard, who was nicknamed the king of lifesteal at the beginning of the Mobile Legends season, but now Alucard has disappeared from the game meta after he received repeated nerfs.

But even so, his lifesteal ability is still quite good at this time and Alucard still deserves to be on the list.


Hero Lifesteal mobile legends
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It’s not just the ultimate that Argus relies on when fighting, but his attack speed and lifesteal. The faster Argus’ attack speed, the higher the lifesteal he gets.

Argus really deserves to be included in the list of the strongest lifesteal heroes in Mobile Legends.


mage fighter mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

Finally there is Ruby, it only takes a few minions that Ruby can fully fill her blood again. Not to mention the skills including cc.

Which makes Ruby’s lifesteal very difficult to stop even though it is ganked.

Those are the three strongest lifesteal heroes in MLBB, is there one of your mainstay heroes?

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