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3 Easy Ways to Get Free Diamonds for the Latest 2022 FF!

3 Easy Ways to Get Free Diamonds for the Latest 2022 FF!

Although it is not a game that requires players to “pay to win” aka pay to win the game, diamonds are still the most valuable item for Free Fire (FF) players.

That’s because diamonds are needed by players if they want to buy a skin or item in certain events that are specially released.

To get diamonds, players usually have to top up. And in order to be able to exchange it for special items, it usually requires a lot of diamonds.

Considering that the majority of Free Fire users are teenagers who don’t have a steady income, many players are looking for ways to get free diamonds.

If you are one of them, you can use the following method to easily get the latest 2022 Free Fire (FF) free diamonds without an application (APK)!

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How To Get Free Diamonds FF 2022 Without APK

Katana Royale FF May 2022
Source: YouTube Kulgar

One of the newest Luck Royale Free Fire currently presents a spin event with special items in the form of Katana, bundles, to emotes. There, players have the opportunity to get 100 diamonds in every spin.

Of course, not only diamonds, you can also get other special skin items like the current Katana Royale, which brings 5 ​​items at once in one Luck Royale event.

  • FF Advance Server Diamond

How To Get Free Diamonds FF 2022 Without APK

Getting free diamonds on the Free Fire Advance Server may no longer be a secret for most Free Fire players.

You could be one of the lucky players to get up to 3000 free diamonds by testing the server and reporting bugs.

Advance Server itself has been back since May 12, 2022 yesterday and will end on May 23, 2022 with all new information about the Free Fire OB34 update.

Diamond Door FF May 2022 Event Leaks

The latest, Free Fire will soon come with a spin event that brings the main prize of a cool bundle that will be released for the first time on the Free Fire Indonesia server.

Even so, you also have the opportunity to get 50 diamonds for free every time you spin in the Diamond Door event which is reportedly released on May 20, 2022.

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Those are some ways you can do to get the latest free Free Fire diamonds. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.