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3 Cool Features You Must Try on the New Map of NexTerra Free Fire (FF)

3 Cool Features You Must Try on the New Map of NexTerra Free Fire (FF)

After waiting for a long time since the last time I brought the Alpine map at the beginning of 2022, Free Fire (FF) has officially re-introduced a new map.

Yep, for this latest map it has the name NeXTerra, where players can try out this entire map later after it was released today, August 20, 2022.

Just waiting for a few hours, you will soon be able to feel the excitement of playing on the new map. But before that, it would be nice for you to know that NexTerra brings very interesting features that don’t exist in other maps.

Here are three cool features that you must try on the new NexTerra Free Fire (FF) map when it’s released this afternoon!

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NexTerra Free Fire (FF) New Map Cool Features

Teleport Map NexTerra ff
Garena Free Fire

One of the things that was predicted during the Advance Server was that Free Fire presented this latest feature. But apparently not for all maps, this teleport feature can only be found in the NexTerra map.

Of course, this teleport feature can make the game more exciting and more colorful, because you can surprise the enemy with your arrival or vice versa.

Cool Features Map of NexTerra ff

In addition, Free Fire also presents a special location in this map that has a low gravity level. That is, you can float and jump very high specifically in that particular area of ​​the map.

  • Obstacles Can Be Destroyed

Cool Features Map of NexTerra ff

This indestructible obstacle can actually be found in the Alpine map. There, it can destroy certain fences, but in this map it is expected to be even more interesting.

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That’s information about some important features in a new map on Free Fire! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.