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3 Best Video Editing Apps For Android, Newest This Year

3 Best Video Editing Apps For Android – Recording videos is something that is very popular and also in demand by everyone. And with good results is the goal of making videos. However, to maximize the results of the videos made, of course it is necessary to also edit the video to make it look better. And now video editing can be easily done with an android smartphone. Editing videos using an Android smartphone is no less good than editing videos using a computer. It is evident from the results of the videos of YouTubers who often upload content-
Their video content on YouTube is good with only an Android smartphone.

There are also many video editing applications available on the Playstore, but of the many video editing applications located in the Playstore, not all of them have complete features and the final results obtained are not necessarily satisfactory. Indeed, until now it is difficult for us to find applications that are really useful for doing video editing according to our needs on an Android smartphone. Well here we will summarize for you some of the best video editing applications for Android in terms of the complete functions and features it has, so that the end result will also look perfect. With the video editing android application that will be discussed this time, you can edit videos like a professional videographer, even though the video editor on Android is not as strong and incomplete as the one on a computer or PC, but below we will explain it in the 3 best editing applications. this year’s video that can be relied on.

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Here are the 3 best video editing apps for Android:

1. filmora

3 Best Video Editing Apps For Android, Newest This Year

Not only filmora which is commonly used to edit videos on a desktop or computer. But now Filmora is also available on Android devices and for those of you who use Android, of course you should be proud, because now this application is available for mobile devices. You can find this application on google playstore. In this Filmora application, there are many and also interesting features for editing videos, for those who are new to Filmora, the method may be somewhat difficult, but if you understand it, the results will not disappoint. Because surely the final result will look like a professional video.

When viewed in terms of features, it is almost the same as that on a desktop / computer because the film itself does not provide video effects, templates, music effects, add text to videos, change themes and others.

Filmora can provide a variety of interesting options that can be used for users to implement into the videos they make.

2. Kinemaster

3 latest android apps for video editing

Kinemaster is a professional video editor application with complete features. The Kinemaster application is quite reliable for editing videos on Android, because this application is able to make short videos with quality results. Where many features are available such as video trimming or trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transition effects, so that the final video results look impressive. Kine master also provides a level of control never before seen in video editing on Android. So this application is widely used by youtubers in creating interesting video content, making short films, but the drawback of this application is that this application does not support or does not support many devices.

3. Power director

3 video editing applications on Android that are widely used by YouTubers

By using this application you can do video editing on Android by drag and drop videos as needed. The editing concept also uses the timeline concept so it will be easy to understand, with various features such as audio tracks, adding text in videos, cool transition effects, audio filters, until the results you can export reach 1080p. So the video results will also be better.

Okay, maybe that’s all the discussion this time about 3 best video editing apps for android which you can try. Hopefully the reviews in this article can be useful for you. And don’t forget to share this article so that it is also useful for others. Goodbye and thank you for visiting.

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