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3 Best Apps To Lock Whatsapp Apps

For those of you users of the chat messenger application, you must be familiar with the chat application called whatsapp. Yep, whatsapp itself has become a mandatory application for online chatting for communication and sharing with friends and family. Many features are presented in this WhatsApp application. Where this application always updates features on WhatsApp. And for now the whatsapp application has been divided into 2, namely the usual whatsapp messenger application or more often we use it for personal or personal and also the whatsapp application for business or better known as Whatsapp Business.

If WhatsApp is said to be your main means of communication, surely the WhatsApp application itself stores a myriad of conversations with your friends, where there must be conversations that contain important content. And maybe you are starting to think about locking your WhatsApp application with a password or PIN with the aim that your data or chats are read by others without your knowledge and permission. Of course this can make you uneasy when someone else borrows your cell phone. Because they could be curious about personal things about you. So you need to be aware of this.

For now the WhatsApp application itself by default cannot lock chat messages or lock the application with a password. But you don’t need to worry because here we will discuss the 3 best applications that are able to lock the WhatsApp application. So read and pay attention to the reviews below.

1. By using GB whatsapp

GB whatsapp to lock chat on whatsapp

GB whatsapp is a mod that has been adapted from the official version of whatsapp. And in this application, many features are provided compared to the usual WhatsApp application. To get GB whatsapp, you can’t get it on playstore. But you can get it through the browser. To know more about anything with this GB WhatsApp feature, please Read : GB Whatsapp features that are different from the usual whatsapp application

For use, you can choose three dots which is in the upper right corner then select GB Whatsapp then select Lock. For more details, you can see in the following image.

how to lock whatsapp with GB whatsapp

Furthermore, for how to use this application in full to hide chat and also lock chat on whatsapp, please read this article: How to lock and hide chat on the GB Whatsapp application

2. Chat lock +

Is the best android application with the function of securing the whatsapp application by providing a password or password. Then you will open the WhatsApp application by selecting a PIN password to open it. You can set the Pin with a 4 digit number. After you install it you can set it by turning it on and off at the bottom. The advantage of this application is that it can set the time automatically where WhatsApp will be locked after exiting the application, so you can make WhatsApp automatically locked. For example 2 minutes or 4 minutes. And on the app chat lock + It can also save photos of people trying to open the WhatsApp application with the technology of taking pictures through the front camera. Where you can see it through the saved digallery image. Pretty interesting isn’t it? This application has a display that is easy to understand even if you just installed it. And most importantly, always remember the PIN you created earlier. This application is fairly light and also does not burden the operating system of the OS. This app is available for free on google playstore.

Here’s how to lock whatsapp using the chat lock+ application:

  • Download and install application Chat Lock+. And here is how it looks on google playstore.
application to lock whatsapp that is chat lock+
  • After that, then open the chat lock application and create
    PIN as much 4 digits. As in the screenshot image on the following chatlock+ application.
how to lock whatsapp application with chat lock+
  • Set time to lock whatsapp app. Next select the whatsapp application and select ON.
how to lock whatsapp automatically with chat lock+

3. Lock for whatsapp

If the application above you have to set a Pin as a password then it’s different in using the application Lock for whatsapp this, because here you have to set a pattern as the password to open the whatsapp application.

In addition, this application also provides features to hide the WhatsApp application icon, hide image folders and protection features in the form of pattern lock.

The following is to lock whatsapp using the Lock For Whatsapp application:

  • Download and Install application Lock for Whatsapp(whatsLock) it via google playstore.
application to lock whatsapp that is lock for whatsapp
  • If you have then open the Lock for whatsapp application then select
    Pattern lock. Look at the screenshot image on the following lock for whatsapp application.
how to lock whatsapp app with pattern
  • The next step is to activate it by selecting Enable Pattern Lock. As in the following image.
easy way to lock whatsapp application
  • Then you set the lock pattern according to what you want. If you have clicked on continue. The following is a display image on the Lock for whatsapp application.
how to secure whatsapp app with pattern lock
  • Then don’t forget activate application whatsapp to lock it.
easy way to lock whatsapp application with application