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3 Advantages of Cyclops Mobile Legends, Hero OP But Lonely Fans

You should know that here are 3 advantages of Cyclops Mobile Legends, an op hero who has extraordinary abilities but lacks interest.

Who doesn’t know Cyclops? One of the veteran heroes in Mobile Legends who is small and has a unique face.

Now about that, did you know that Cyclops itself is rarely seen in the game meta. Even though he has many advantages, he still lacks fans.

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What are these advantages? You have to know this to realize that Cyclops is the best mage.

Short Skill Cooldown

Cyclops mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

The first advantage is that the cooldown of the skill is very short, even so, sometimes we spam the Cyclops skill too often until the mana runs out quickly.

In addition, these Cyclops skills are the key to winning a duel with your opponent, because the cd is short, so you can spam attacks and keep fighting.

High Vamp Spell

New Skin Cyclops ML
source: ig @grangerml

The next advantage is the high spell vamp or lifesteal. Especially from skill 2 Cyclops which can produce a lot of vamp spells.

This makes Cyclops continue to be on the battlefield of Mobile Legends, no need to go back and forth with blood.

Easy Gameplay

skins season 17 mobile legends

The last reason is the gameplay which is easy to understand even for novice players. This hero is perfect for anyone who wants to play mage.

That’s the op hero of Mobile Legends, who has no fans even though he has extraordinary abilities.

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