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2 Ways to Manage Sound/Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

How to Adjust Sound or Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Application Adobe Premiere Pro CC is an application that is popular today for processing or editing videos, especially for professionals. Many film and television companies use video processing programs with this application.

In using the Adobe Premiere Pro application, not just any computer can run it. Because to be able to run the computer, it must meet the specifications for this video editing application.

In editing videos, of course, you can’t escape the sound or audio. Sound or audio in a video or film is a very important factor and has a big influence on good results in making videos or films. In addition, sound or audio can affect emotions for the audience and can also accompany the activities contained in a video or film. Therefore it is important to get good sound or audio results in a film or video.

Therefore, for those of you who may be new to adobe premiere pro cc, and may have difficulty adjusting the audio or sound. So here I will share how to adjust the sound or audio while editing a video using the Adobe Premiere Pro CC application. Then how to adjust the audio or sound with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC application?. And here is the review for you.

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2 ways to adjust the size of the audio or sound in the adobe premiere pro cc application:

1. use audio gain

  • The first step is open adobe premiere pro cc We.
  • Make sure you put the video on the timeline. Then you select or click on the audio. As in the image below.
How to Adjust Sound or Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Then if it’s past right click on audioand continue by clicking audio gain. For more details about this step you can see in the image below.
how to set audio on adobe premiere pro application using audio gain
  • Next, change the amount to dB (decibel). You also need to know that dB is a unit used to measure sound intensity. The higher the db, the louder the sound will be. Well, then if you have then click OK.
how to increase and decrease sound in adobe premiere pro cc

2. Using keyframes on the timeline

  • Open your adobe premiere pro cc.
  • After that click the audio on the timeline, and then drag down the corner of the frame on the audio. For more details about this method, see the image below.
how to set audio or sound in adobe premiere pro using keyframes in timeline
  • And after that, the audio will be divided into 2 or the audio keyframe will be visible. Next, please adjust the sound by dragging the line between the keyframes up or down. If it is above then the dB will go up. So the sound produced will be high as well. See the image below for more details.
Edit sound/audio in video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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