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15 Strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale Weapons Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released various types of powerful weapons and to help players in the match. There are even 15 Strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale Weapons Free Fire (FF), so that we can face enemies in this Map. Kalahari itself is only available Classic, but it feels exciting if you can win by using a weapon of choice like this.

Considering that the Battleroyale game is also not an easy thing, you have to think about strategy in order to win. But usually the use of weapons is also important, if you want to continue to deal big damage to enemies in the match.

Including seeing the Best Push Characters on the Kalahari Free Fire Map, will help you win very easily. Because it’s really trying to own characters in maps like this, it will give a distinct impression if in the end it all matches the player.

Especially for the 15 Strongest Kalahari Map Battle Royale Weapons Free Fire (FF), one of these weapons might be a reliable mastery for you. The enemy in the Match Battleroyale Kalahari match, definitely won’t be able to face you because of your good playing skills.

The Strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale Weapon Free Fire (FF)


Why is the Kar98k Sniper Gun the top choice? According to Esportsku, this weapon is very suitable in the Kalahari Map itself. Because the Kar98k weapon is already like the theme of this map, even the visibility to shoot enemies from a considerable distance.

Not only the ability of this weapon, but the most total loot on the Kalahari Map is Kar98k itself. If you drop at a location called Prison, chances are there are 1 to 5 Kar98k Weapons that you can get from here.

That’s why being the first, even the use of the Kar98k Weapon itself is quite crowded in the Kalahari Map. There was once a problem where the weapon disappeared due to a bug, especially for the Clash Squad Mode as well.


This weapon has a good medium range, even Parafal itself has good stats on the map. So the other option to compete in the Kalahari Map is none other than one of the Assault Rifles which is quite strong.

Even my Esports have experienced easy wins with this Weapon, for fighting enemies in a far range. Not only that because Parafal Weapons are quite easy to find, so you can be more stable in giving attacks.

Only if you have found this weapon, make sure to use the Attachment Scope to make it comfortable. Because when using Parafal without a Scope, it seems that it is a weakness that will affect you when you compete later.

Free Fire’s strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale weapon is AC80

Still in ranged attack for the Kalahari Map, that’s understandable because AC80 is suitable for this map. Seeing the state of the Kalahari with such a large empty field, it is easy for players to get very accurate aiming distances with this weapon.

Especially with other long-range weapons too, of course including AC80 which we will use now. This AC80 ability is indeed interesting, because the range is far and the speed of the movement speed is quite fast for the character.

Then has Penetration Armor, High Accuracy and Great Damage to defeat enemies easily. It’s enough to make it easier for you when you’re competing, so it’s easy to face enemies with this AC80.


A weapon that has a high stat in some parts, the AK47 is perfect if you use it in this Kalahari Map. Mid-range or long-range matches are not a problem, depending on whether you are able to play the AK47 weapon or not.

This AK47 is indeed good in all situations and conditions of battle, even the Kalahari Map is not a problem for that. Then to find it is not so difficult, you just check on every house and usually you will immediately meet this weapon.

It’s just my Esports suggestion, if you want to use AK47, look for Muzzle so that the damage increases from a certain distance. Because that is the advantage of this weapon, if the player can try to use it properly then it will not be a problem.

Free Fire’s strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale weapon is M79

Latest Weapon Royale FF M79 Skin Free Fire 2020

This weapon that can deal a large area of ​​damage is very suitable in the Kalahari Map, because we are free to point M79 anywhere. Considering the Kalahari is a large place, seeing the residential area is also not too close together.

So don’t be surprised if this M79 Weapon is really suitable for you to use in the Map. If we see the enemy and do mid-range combat, we can direct the Aim blast at the enemy without having to be blocked by the wall that reflects the bullet.

But unfortunately this weapon is not something that is easy for us to find, so that’s what it lacks in the Kalahari Map. Given that there must be a lot of players taking an Airdrop, it’s unlikely that you will be able to use the M79 here.


12 Strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale Weapons Free Fire (FF)

But usually there are also those who often do Rush, the MP40 Weapon is definitely a solution that you can use. Because seeing the potential for close combat at the Prison Location and Base Camp, it becomes a good mainstay place to use weapons like this.

In fact, according to my Esports experience in the Kalahari Map, it turns out that the 2 locations mentioned above have a large amount of MP40. If you are not strong enough to go down at the 2 locations that we have mentioned, it’s better to find another place and there are still weapons like this.

Just stay alert when fighting enemies up close, because the MP40’s powerful weapon doesn’t guarantee your attack can defeat it.


Next is AWM, one of the strongest types of Sniper that you can use to deal with enemies easily. Even AWM itself has high damage, because this type of weapon to destroy Vest and Helm has the enemy.

If in the Kalahari Map there may be few who use these weapons, because of the scarcity of being able to get AWM when competing. But if you get AWM, the feeling of being able to kill from afar will be a fatal attack on your opponent.

But you have to determine a comfortable position too, so that the attack is in the same direction as the enemy moves in the match.

Free Fire’s strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale weapon is Scar

One of the most popular types of Assault Rifle, even according to my Esports, Kalahari is still delicious. Scar if you can use it properly, it can provide good power, it will even become easier to face opponents without any difficulty.

Even my own esports tried that, if indeed Scar was stable enough to fight enemies in certain attacks. So it’s not wrong to bring it into the match, as long as you can do your best on this weapon.


12 Strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale Weapons Free Fire (FF)

If you are lazy to look for weapons with Scope, then the option is to use Aug Weapons. Because this weapon is equipped with Scope x2, you can even upgrade it to x4 later if you get the attachment.

Aug’s ability in battle is indeed quite superior, it’s just that this weapon is quite rare. For example, if you want to use it, you may have to boot in the Blue Zone Area on the Kalahari Map so that it is easy to find it.

That’s why this weapon is delicious and good, but difficult for players to find. But it’s not as difficult as AWM which has to go through the Airdrop.

Free Fire’s strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale weapon is the Shield Gun

One of the weapons that was introduced when the Kalahari Map was about to be released, but unfortunately the Shield Gun doesn’t officially appear here. But from my Esports assessment, the Shield Gun is also suitable for players to use on the map if you want to play safely.

Because this weapon has an Active Skill that creates a small Shield, so it can withstand a certain amount of Damage from the Enemy. Later the skill will have an old cooldown, but it is effective to protect you. Players can only use this in Training Mode, it used to exist but it just disappeared.


12 Strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale Weapons Free Fire (FF)

Then it will never be spared from all maps, Vector will still be used by players to do Rush. Because Akimbo’s ability is quite lethal, of course it can give this weapon the power to support its players in killing.

Even finding the Vector Weapon itself is very easy, as long as you do Aim attacks properly and correctly. It’s just that the Vector weapon is good for you to use when you’re in a tight place, I don’t really recommend long range Esports.

Free Fire’s strongest Kalahari Map Battleroyale weapon is M1887

How to Get M1887 Element Free Fire (FF) Shotgun

The use of this M1887 Weapon is also quite a lot in the Kalahari Map, it will even make it easy for you to compete. M1887 itself has high damage, even this is easy for you to use in rushing or entering a small house on the map.

Even when the Kalahari Map was still ranked, it turned out that M1887 was pretty good and tasty in several places on this map. So you won’t feel confused, because the weapon is very easy for players to find in all corners of this Map.


Long-range weapons that have fairly high damage, of course Kingfisher is capable of dealing high damage when attacking. Depends on your attack alone, because it is quite helpful in the battle on this Kalahari Map.

You will also easily find these weapons in every place, through many things that we really have to use. It will definitely be a great opportunity to do well.


G36 also has 2 types of attacks that do support the Kalahari, Range or Damage maps, all of which help. It is an Assault Rifle that has this shot range far away, so the battle can’t be stopped with a weapon like that.


Marksman-type weapons are quite strong, even the damage itself cannot be underestimated. Power of AC80 If you do an attack this will definitely help a lot, so we have a good chance on the Kalahari Map.

It depends on those of you who use it, but with AC80 on the Kalahari map it is also very helpful. Those of us who use it will also have no difficulty in fighting every enemy from afar for deadly attacks.

After knowing the 15 Strongest Kalahari Map Battle Royale Weapons Free Fire (FF), you will easily win because they are helped by these weapons. But still pay attention to the use of this weapon, whether you can master it or not. But if you have your own mainstay weapon, it’s not a problem because it feels more comfortable.

Especially to get to know the types of Free Fire weapons that already exist, because they have advantages in several attacks. The type of weapon will help you to give you a clue, what kind of weapon should you use so you don’t get confused.