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15 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a Battle Spell which is really good for players to use in certain circumstances. There are even 15 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML), helping every player who uses the Hero. Even with Flameshot itself having great power, that’s why it has become a mainstay for some players until now.

Hero who has a different attack distance, be it short or long for us to take advantage of. Especially for players who often use Hero Mage, we ourselves know that this type of Hero sometimes has short attacks and is less supportive for some players as well.

So there is a Tips and Tricks Using Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends, so that it is easier for you to attack. According to my own Esports, Flameshot is indeed quite good, with a note that it’s not just for Mage. Because there are still many players who use Flameshot, but not mage-type heroes either.

Yes, even though the majority are mages, just take a look at these 15 selected Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML). Of course, according to my Esports, some heroes need a Flameshot power, so that their attacks are more accurate and guaranteed to kill the enemy.

Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)


Septemberbe some people know that Pharsa needs Spell Purify, but actually this hero can also use Spell Flameshot because of his strength. Having ranged attacks using Ultimate Skills, even Flameshot itself will make the enemy survivors be wiped out.

If you have finished using this Ultimate Skill, then we can still see the enemy’s position on the Map for a while. In the remaining time, the player prepares the Purify Spell and attacks the Enemy if it is Dying. Surely this attack will be hit, because we know the last traces of the enemy who are still there.

Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends is Nana

A pretty annoying hero with her 2nd Skill, Nana is also very suitable to use Spell Flameshot when competing. Because with this ability, you will definitely give full strength to the enemy who is still alive.

Of course the combo from Hero Nana itself is very good and makes the enemy lose or low hp. Well, if indeed the position of the enemy is clearly visible, then use the Flameshot Spell and aim correctly so that this shot is aimed at the opponent’s body.


Yes, if Hero Gord can Spell Flicker, Sprint or Flameshot because the conditions are really good. But look at the condition of your opponents, if there is really no Hero who can pick up we can use Flameshot directly to finish after the ultimate.

Not a few players who use this Spell on Gord, even some of the top global are still using it. Gord has high damage, but does not guarantee to be able to kill enemies with one combo if they can escape. So that this spell is good for him, so that those who are thought to be safe will die too.

Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends is Cecilion

13 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)

Not much different from Aldous, Cecilion is a Mage who requires Stack and Spell Flameshot in addition. Yup, there’s a lot of use of Flameshot on Cecilion, because this hero’s ability already has an attack from a pretty far distance.

If for example we use Skill 1 of the enemy dying and not dying, then Flameshot will be your last choice to attack. But if there is still a chance to fight bravely, you will definitely use Ultimate and Skill 2 which makes Spell a backup first.


It’s not something that is unexpectedly random, but there are indeed Layla players who use the Flameshot Spell to attack enemies from afar. Now based on my Esports experience, there is a Layla user who uses Ultimate and Flameshot at the same time.

Of course this causes Double Damage from Magic and Physical, but sometimes someone attacks using Spell first and then ultimate. Depending on each variant, if from Hero Layla, maybe those of you who are interested in trying it have their own way of doing it.

Phoveus is a Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends

Phoveus Becomes the Latest Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends

If you are aware that this Spell can knock the enemy back, well, it’s perfect for a hero named Phoveus when he’s attacking. Because this hero is very sensitive when there are enemies who use Blink or Dash skills, even enemies who get such effects from friends.

When you have Spam Ultimate on the enemy who did this, then we can cast this Spell to trigger the ultimate again before Cooldown. Yup, maybe some of his attacks can be hit, even Phoveus himself will return to using Skill 2 and continue Spam Ultimate.


Either Flicker or Flameshot, according to my Esports Yve is suitable for using one of these Spells. Yve is a pretty good Hero in doing attacks with very far Magic Damage. Moreover, the hero is able to manipulate a small area to make you even stronger.

When he is in war and has determined the right place for Ultimate, Yve is able to drain his opponent’s HP very easily. When they were already dying, they would definitely get a better state of using the Flameshot Spell.

Valir is a Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends

13 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)

Valir’s ability to deal high damage from his skills, of course you will be helped by using the Flameshot Spell. Will make players better when competing, especially with the condition that the enemy is dying with the combo.

The good thing about Valir with this Spell is that it is very strong, because Skill 1 is hit 2 times the enemy will Stun and can Spell. Then for Skill 2 combo with Skill 1, give a Stun Effect which of course will make Valir able to launch his Spell attacks better.


6 Best Vale Skins in Mobile Legends (ML)

It’s not much different from the real Valir hero, it just depends on your condition what the enemy is and the selected Skill. Flameshot has indeed become a good default for this hero, because it can make it easier to attack enemies who have been hit by the hero’s Skill attack.

If indeed you take the Crowd Control Skill, it matches the Flameshot Spell, as well as the large Damage Skill. Just pay attention to the enemies you are fighting, whether the skills we use are suitable or not with them. If it fits, then it can be easier to rely on Flameshot when competing.


13 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)

Based on my own Esports experience, using Kimmy with the Flameshot Spell is a trick too. It’s not just a hoax, but a Double attack can also happen with Kimmy’s hero skill which has a high Range.

So later you use Ultimate Kimmy first, then place towards the enemy then together with the Flameshot Spell. So that the enemy will also get 2 large damage, first from Ultimate and second through the Spell that Kimmy used earlier.

Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends is Kagura

No one doubts the strength of Kagura’s hero in matches, even that makes you stronger using Flameshot. If during my Esports experience playing Rank, there must be some enemies who use Kagura with Flameshot or Execute.

Yup, it’s delicious and it’s proven to be good too, after doing a Combo or getting close to the enemy, you can use the Spell. For example, if you do a Combo, then the enemy is dying, we can just cast the Spell.


13 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)

Despite being an Assassin who is quite strong, making Gusion something that requires a good spell too. Although not a Hyper, Gusion is able to use the name Spell Execute or Flameshot when competing later.

But it seems you have to understand, if indeed this Hero’s deadly ability can match the 2 Spells. Just paying attention to your Playstyle, whether it is suitable or not can be something that helps in defeating any powerful enemy.

Hero Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends is Carmilla

13 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML)

This hero can be a strong Mage or Support in a match, even Carmilla herself is suitable if she uses the Flameshot Spell while in a match. Because with this support ability, it is able to deal high damage to enemies up close and perform chain reactions.

Of course it really affects the game and will make it difficult for your opponent to advance, but you have to see what kind of hero your opponent uses. Because even though Carmilla approaches to give an attack, it’s not always good and even becomes a boomerang when you use it in a match.


As a Fighter with high Magic Damage, of course Julian fits perfectly with a Spell called Flameshot. To anticipate the enemy running away, if it happens, you can use the Flameshot Spell right away. Because indeed this ranged attack will help Julian easily.

But remember Julian as much as possible chase the enemy first, until if there is a Skill that gives more damage. Then we will easily give this Spell attack, so that later the enemy who is thought to be safe will actually be hit by the surprise attack.


Aurora’s skill can indeed do One Combo Kill, but it is possible for the enemy to escape from the field. Then Spell Flameshot can also accompany the Hero, so that he can give his final attack to the enemy easily.

Because Aurora does the attack for high damage, then we can also use Flameshot to escape. Because with a close-range attack, the enemy with that distance will immediately get Knockback. So that those of you who use Aurora can have time to return to giving combo attacks.

After knowing 15 Heroes Suitable for Spell Flameshot Mobile Legends (ML), you don’t need to be confused with the Spell. Some of these heroes will help you to do long-range attacks, even maximizing target attacks using Flameshot.

There are even 12 Battle Spells in the Mobile Legends game, all of this you should know so you don’t get confused. Because there are several other heroes with different spells, you have to pay attention to this important thing, so it will be easier to deal with when you are competing.