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15 Hero Counter Silvanna Mobile Legends (ML)

Silvanna, who is very famous as a deadly magic fighter, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a counter. He is actually only very strong when fighting enemies who don’t understand skill sets and how to fight them. Lots of Best ML Counter Heroes Silvanna Mobile Legends

Previously we discussed the item build for mobile legends hero silvanna. Well here we will provide many heroes who can counter this lockdown hero. With these heroes you can fight Silvanna very easily in lane or teamfight. You can defeat this hero who has a lot of negative sides in several ways.

Silvanna, who is a tough fighter, don’t let her go free. The reason is, Silvanna can easily damage the entire opposing team. A very complete skill set is certainly the main reason for his strength.

List of Hero Counter Silvanna Mobile Legends

If you are curious about the heroes who can counter this hero, you can look down for the list of heroes who counter Silvanna in Mobile Legends.


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Franco is a hero who is very detrimental to Silvanna, especially when gank and teamfight. There are two skills that harm Silvanna, namely her ulti and hook. Silvanna is very strong when she is in her ulti and locks down enemies, besides that Silvanna rarely moves especially when S2 is active.

Franco can pull Silvanna out of the circle and also when Silvanna is in the ultimate circle, Franco can use the ultimate to lock Silvanna back.


Hero X-Borg ML, Strong Fighter in Mobile Legends!

There is one thing that is very detrimental to Silvanna when laning, namely high mobility. X-Borg is a hero who can use skills by moving, this is very detrimental to Silvanna because her S2 is very immobile.

The only way Silvanna defeats X-Borg is using ulti, but when X-Borg is bound and Silvanna uses her S2, X-Borg just uses skills and surrounds Silvanna very easily.


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Hanzo and Silvanna have a strange relationship, the two actually counter each other. But if these two heroes exist, most of the Hanzo have a greater chance of winning. Hanzo has a distance advantage thanks to his poke and ultimate.

In addition, Hanzo’s ulti is very detrimental to Silvanna. Although Silvanna can lock up Hanzo, she can teleport to her “ghost”. Hanzo can also kill Silvanna from afar where Silvanna is only strong from very close range.


Best Offlaner Hero Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca is a hero who not only counters Silvanna, but also a hero charger other. He can use S2 so that Silvanna is forced to use her auto attack. Silvanna is very dependent on her skills so that the stack can be filled.

Besides that, Gatotkaca is a very thick hero, making Silvanna just a waste of time against Gatotkaca and better against other heroes.


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Badang is a 1v1 hero and a very strong and deadly fighter at close range. When other heroes hit by Silvanna’s ulti will panic and die, Badang is a hero who will benefit greatly because the distance between the two of them will be close.

Badang if hit by Silvanna’s ulti can fight back with combo S1, First Break, then ulti. Badang’s standard combo can even kill Silvanna in the late game without difficulty.


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Wanwan is one of the agile marksmen and very difficult to catch. With this skill he has, Silvanna will find it difficult to attack him. If you want to fight Silvanna using Wanwan, play agile and don’t get hit by her Ultimate skill.


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Karrie as one of the Marksmen with high pure damage, can penetrate Silvanna’s armor easily. Use Karrie’s movement skill to avoid Silvanna’s attacks, then slow her down to reduce her movement.


Esmeralda has a skill that can take Shield on every basic attack. You can withstand Silvanna’s attacks easily, and take the shield she has. Make sure you can fish it well.


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Aurora has high burst damage and long stun. By combining it, you can immediately drop Silvanna. If you can’t kill her, you still have time to run and poke Silvanna.


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Lunox has extraordinary escape skills from his Ultimate. If you are trapped by Silvanna’s Ultimate, you can use her ultimate to buy time until her ultimate is gone.


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Ultimate Thamuz which will provide a very wide area of ​​damage, of course Thamuz will be a deadly Counter for Silvanna. When Silvanna uses Ultimate and Skill 2, then Thamuz must be ready with his Skill in counterattack. Because this is a Hero with a fast Life Steal too and there is no need to worry.


A body that grows very big, Barats if you counter Silvanna it won’t be an excessive problem. Because with his ability to fight enemies from close range, Barats with a full stack is very superior. Not a few enemies


Bringing Masha into Ultimate Silvanna, became one of the most fatal mistakes ever made. Masha’s skill which is getting less and less HP will be more ferocious, of course something like this will make Silvanna have to receive a lot of Claws from the ferocious attack.


Julian’s ability to manipulate attack skills, of course, makes him more flexible when facing Silvanna. Even in Ultimate Silvanna though this is not a problem and even helps her to deal high damage.


Paquito has a fairly high Damage and Absord, so Paquito if he really wants to Counter Silvanna can indeed happen. So things like this will make his strength easier to deal with in Ultimate Silvanna like that, making this his arena.

Those are 15 heroes who can counter Silvanna in Mobile Legends. This hero who is strong enough both in lane and teamfight is very deadly, but he has many weaknesses such as being very stiff and does not have high mobility and only depends on his ulti and S2.