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15 Hero Combo Lylia Mobile Legends (ML)

Lylia is one of the mage heroes who has high mobility, this mobility is very suitable to be combined with any hero. Now this is the best Lylia combo hero in Mobile Legends.

Lylia’s magic hero is quite unique, her ability to provide large magic attacks with an area or AoE scale, this attack will allow her to provide good follow-up damage as support.

Well, my Esports below will provide recommendations for the best Lylia hero combos that you can play in the Mobile Legends game. See below for more information.

List of Hero Combo Lylia Mobile Legends

Here are the recommendations for the best Lylia combo heroes in the Mobile Legends game!


Hero Combo Lylia Mobile Legends

First is Tigreal, is one of the best tank heroes, TIgreal has a very high CC ability.

The CC can provide airborne, pull, and stun attacks, which this hero can attract and collect opponents.

Once collected, Tigreal will target Lylia, while Lylia only needs to deal high damage and defeat her opponent.


Hero Combo Lylia Mobile Legends

The next hero combo is Atlas, is one of the best tank heroes, Atlas can give a very deadly initiation, his attacks can gather all his opponents and deal high damage.

Atlas ability can be utilized by Lylia, with Lylia’s attack can attack the opponent with high AoE damage and defeat him.


Khufra will serve as a tanker who gives initiation to the opponent, while Lylia will serve as support, these two heroes have high mobility which makes both of them very good as roamers.

Moreover, Lylia’s ability is very agile so that she will be difficult for opponents to target, Khufra doesn’t need to be extra in guarding her. But the attacks of these two heroes will be very deadly to defeat the opponent.


The next Lylia Mobile Legends hero combo is Kaja, Kaja will be tasked with attracting his opponent, while Lylia will attack the opponent drawn by Kaja.

The combo of these two heroes is very effective for ganking attacks, for the target hero drawn by Kaja himself is certain to immediately lose the match.

This Kaja and Lylia combo attack will be quite deadly as an initiator and support.


Lylia’s next combo hero is Uranus, a tank hero with a high regen ability, Uranus will be more OP with Lylia’s support.

This tank hero will continue to advance and beat his opponent, thanks to Lylia’s mobility ability, the support hero will continue to accompany Uranus in every gameplay.

Both Uranus and Lylia themselves have good and deadly mobility abilities in Mobile Legends.


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For the next hero that you can try using a combo is Lylia, is one of the heroes with the best abilities that can repay the opponent’s HP, making it difficult to overcome.

Especially with hero abilities Lylia will give very strong burst damage to the opponent, attacks from Lylia’s hero skills are able to damage a very wide area.

This ability is of course very useful for Esmeralda, as a hero offlaner or also often played as a core, will get a large backup damage from Lylia.


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Kagura is a hero mage with the ability to control an umbrella as a weapon, this one hero attack is very strong by releasing energy that can defeat opponents.

You can try to launch the best attack Lylia and Kagura to defeat the opponent, the type of fast attack with high magic damage is able to inflict large burst damage on the opponent.

Not only that, with the mobility abilities of these two heroes, both of them are able to escape quickly in a state of urgency, and can also attack back easily.


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Thamuz is one of the best fighters with very strong and deadly attack abilities, this one hero attacks with close range attacks, Thamuz’s ability can destroy all his opponents.

Especially with the help Lylia will make Thamuz’s attack even stronger, this attack will make all opponents take great damage from Thamuz’s lava and from Gloomy Lylia’s attack.

This combo attack will be very suitable when teamfight takes place, which is Lylia will be Thamuz’s back cover when he attacks the opponent. Make sure Thamuz has a high lifesteal huh.


Next, the best combo hero Lylia is Selena, is one of the heroes with the best ability to ambush opponents by providing stun and deadly combo skills, Selena is a deadly support in Mobile Legends.

You can try to do the best combo between Selena and Lylia, Selena’s attack will give Stun which makes it easier for Lylia to attack her opponent.

Lylia will also make it easier for Selena to attack opponents and thanks to Lylia’s spamming attacks, all enemies will take continuous damage and are difficult to counterattack.


As for the next combo hero that you can try, Claude, is one of the marksman heroes, Claude has the ability to attack opponents quickly thanks to his combo skill.

These two heroes have teleportation skills which will make it very easy for them to attack. Of course, it will be easier for you when you will give impromptu attacks or ganking thanks to these two heroes.


If you want to do a Combo on Hero Lylia using Saber, you have to make sure it doesn’t have Ultimate at all. So that you guys have an attacking performance that is also very fitting and not too difficult to deal with.

Even though the Saber is ready, even if it’s a build, you can immediately do One Skill on Lylia, you only need to use Ultimate. Of course this is a very good skill in locking an enemy.


Fanny’s agile ability is, of course, capable of making very deadly attacks with Lylia. Of course, with Fanny’s ability too, it will really help in Combo Hero Lylia which has higher damage.

But Fanny who can provide this deadly resistance, will definitely make the opponent who is dying because Lylia can’t escape.


Kadita’s skill that will help with a very lethal attack, of course this will Combo Lylia very easily. If you want to Combo with Lylia, you have to get the Hero first so that you can attack easily.

Because Kadita has to use Skills 1 and 2 first, so that Lylia triggers Skills 1 and 2 which are capable of dealing high damage. Then Kadita is able to do a very deadly attack when you have a combo.


This fighter who has a very large CC, is able to Combo Lylia more easily when the position is right. Lylia really has to use her Ultimate first, otherwise we can scare Lylia with a warning combo like she wants to use Ulti.

Only when Chou’s attack is right, then you can immediately use it with Combo as usual. So that Chou would be able to launch his power with Lylia even more easily.


Lylia’s deadly attack will be helped if there is a Combo Hero Franco who helps in the team. Because with this Franco it’s easier, because it has a Skill Hook and Ultimate CC which is quite pronounced.

It will definitely make you stronger, so Franco feels really good in combos with Lylia.

So that’s it for a review of the best Lylia combo hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully it can be useful and useful for those of you who need it. See you later!