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15 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released lots of great updates with very exciting events. There are even 15 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML), making Lunox even stronger than before. Because by using the Lunox Hero Combo, it will definitely make the player invincible.

Especially with some good updates that we can try to play, of course it will become more and more exciting. Including several opportunities that you can try, as we follow developments that will continue to enter the game.

Then with the presence of Buff and Nerf Hero Patch 1.6.58 in Mobile Legends, there will be more cool prizes that you will get. As we know, the new feature will definitely be more exciting and players can get it right now.

Including seeing 15 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML), will help Lunox Hero become stronger and invincible. Because Combos like this will make Lunox heroes better, because they have very strong Combo friends.

Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)


13 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

The Support Hero that we will use in the Lunox Combo is Floryn, even the hero’s ability is very helpful in competing. Because Floryn will give one build to the Lunox hero, then there is the addition of a Strong Stat for the Lunox Hero.

Indeed, being a short Combo with the Hero, it is enough to give a Buff so that Lunox will last longer. But Floryn can also remove this Buff from Lunox, let’s think about it before doing that so that the Lunox combo is still stronger than before.

The Lunox Mobile Legends Combo Hero is Angela

In a team there may be support too, Angela is indeed a suitable hero for combos with Lunox. In this condition Angela will help Lunox become stronger, you will also become more immune when facing enemies using Angela later.

Of course, with Angela’s ability to provide Shield and Buff to Lunox, surely the hero will be even more barbaric. Attacks that deal Magic Damage to enemies will be smoother, even we don’t need to worry because Angela supports very well and strongly.


13 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

Then Lunox also has the best Combo with Tigreal, as the most powerful CC Tanker. According to my own Esports, Tigreal is indeed suitable for Combo with others, even for Lunox heroes, they can indeed provide the best.

Tigreal must be able to kidnap One enemy with Ultimate Skill and 2, Lunox must be prepared with his Magic Damage Skill later. Whether you want 1 or 5 enemies is also not a problem, but it all depends on the circumstances that support Lunox to do that or not to do Combos like this.

Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends is Franco

If this really depends on Franco’s teammate, because Lunox’s Hook and Skill will be the deadliest Combo. So that it will be easier for us to follow the development of Combos like this to make it even better.

Franco must be able to kidnap one of the Enemies, as much as possible the Core or Hero that deals high damage. In this state Franco can immediately do Ultimate, then Lunox advances and deals additional damage. So that later when the enemy wants to run away, it’s too late, because it can’t be saved anymore.


Because when Lunox tries to attack the Enemy but they run away instead, the Minotaur can be a mainstay in things like this. The Lunox and Minotaur combo will definitely make it faster and easier to attack the enemy.

When the Minotaur is attacking using his Ultimate Skill, Lunox must quickly attack using his Darkness Skill. Because with this short time, the enemy will become Soft Lunox’s target because of the damage that keeps coming in.


13 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

A Gatotkaca ability that can make enemies unable to attack for a few seconds, as well as a huge Ultimate CC. Using this combo between Lunox and Gatot, will definitely make the Hero stronger and won’t look weak later.

If you want to do the Gatot Combo with Lunox, Gatot must be able to open the war first. Using Ultimate and Skill 2 to make the enemy attack Gatot, then on this occasion Lunox can directly attack the barbarians together.

But actually Gatot who uses Skill 2 can still Combo with Lunox heroes. But you have to be precise and do good communication, so that later you don’t miss and make Skills get wasted.

Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends is Kaja

A very strong Support Fighter, Kaja has abilities that are very helpful in any Combo. Together with Lunox, Kaja is able to make it easy for the hero to carry out attacks using his Dark Power.

Kaja must be able to kidnap an enemy and then continue with Lunox’s attack, of course the enemy cannot escape and withstand the damage. It’s just that you need a proper communication, so that later it doesn’t get to Kaja to kidnap the enemy but Lunox doesn’t come at all.


13 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

As a strong fighter, Terizla will be a punishment to the enemy in the match. Even Terizla’s ability to overcome each of his opponents is visible, especially when together with Lunox do Combo well.

Terizla has an Ultimate Skill that gives CC to the opponent, of course it triggers the enemy’s escape skill. On this occasion Lunox can attack smoothly, because the enemy has no chance to escape at all.


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Kidnapping a large number of enemies, has become a Tank Task named Atlas in a Team. Even with Atlas’s ability, it will make it easier for Lunox to give the best Combo when competing later. Atlas must make sure the conditions in kidnapping the opponent, so that everything becomes smoother.

When Atlas has managed to get the Enemy using Ultimate, Lunox might be able to use the Skill directly. Keep attacking enemies while they are currently focused on Atlas. After a few attacks, maybe one of the enemies must have been dying.

The Lunox Mobile Legends Combo Hero is Johnson

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It’s clear that for example you want to use Johnson as a Combo in a match, because this would be very fitting to happen. All Mages including Lunox are suitable for Combo with the hero, but it depends on the Johnson player who drives well.

If you want to give a Combo, then the player must first determine the enemy you want to eliminate later. After that, Johnson must be able to direct the enemy or other important targets as well.

After hitting Lunox, he can trigger his Darkness Skill first, then Ultimate can do Spam Skill attacks like this. Of course with the Johnson and Lunox combo is something the best and you must try if you want to feel it.


13 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

The ability of a Hero Tanker as well as a strong Fighter, Barats is able to manipulate his body to face the enemy. Even with the ability to eat strong Enemies, of course we will be superior in the face of such enemies.

Including the ability of Barats which will not be easily defeated, so that Combo with Lunox can occur. But all of this really depends on the Barats, whether under such circumstances can eat one enemy and make it towards Lunox.

After Lunox received this Enemy, he could immediately attack using his Skill and Barats came to help again. However, if you really want to do it right, communicate as much as possible first so that it tastes good.


This Silvanna Hero is able to confine one Enemy with his Ultimate, so that you can do Combo with Lunox together. Silvanna’s ability to deal with enemies will become easier when it has several builds, as well as the Lunox Hero that players will face later.

When Silvanna catches the Enemy, maybe you think you can kill it but it’s not so easy. If there is Lunox in the team, then with this opportunity you can do the best attack to win and face the enemy together.

Of course Hero Silvanna’s ability to combo with others does happen, with Lunox they can also do well.

Lunox Mobile Legends Combo Hero is Ruby

13 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML)

Another combo that Lunox can do with other heroes is Ruby, one of the Fighter Tanks with Deadly CC Skills. Considering that the Combo Ruby and Lunox themselves are already so popular, even from the beginning of the release of the Lunox hero until now it is still crowded.

Depending on your team, it really supports Combos like this or not, because a few enemies can run away. Ruby has an important role in making the enemy immobile, then Lunox must be able to deal damage to the enemy until they lose.

If Ruby can withstand enemy movements properly and correctly, then Lunox will also be easier to deal with. It doesn’t stop there, Lunox’s ability will increase even more, if indeed the situation is quite supportive of the two heroes themselves.


The ability of the Hero Minsitthar is very strong and deadly, making the opponent’s movement to a halt with his attacks. So that later Lunox will be easier to give his Skill in launching Skill 2 in his Ultimate mode.

It feels different when you use it in the match this time, so it’s really easy for players to do it when competing later. Because it is a rush to stop the movement of the Enemy, it will be felt with a Lunox and Minsitthar Combo like this.


Making the opponent unable to move freely, Chou and Lunox are a suitable Combo and very deadly. Especially when Chou has activated the ultimate to bring the Enemy closer to Lunox so that he can deal fairly high damage.

Things like this will also help the Lunox hero not have to bother going to the enemy, because you have already done it. So just attack using Ultimate Darkness and skill 2 to immediately defeat the target that we have to aim for first using Lunox.

Trying yourself 15 Hero Combo Lunox Mobile Legends (ML), will make it easier for players to win using this Hero. As an advantage in facing enemies when competing, it will definitely not make it difficult for the player to do the Combo.

You also have to understand first Tips for Using Hero Lunox Mobile Legends, so that the hero’s abilities become more leverage. Don’t use Lunox if you don’t know the mechanism, because doing the wrong combo will definitely be a burden on the team.